Time to Cine File a restraining order?

musetto.jpgMust The New York Post always unleash its film editor, V.A. Musetto (left), on every dewy starlet who appears in an independent film? Can’t they find someone other than their resident Cine File to interview these would-be ingenues so we can be spared nauseating passages like this one from his recent date—I mean interview—with Emily Grace, star of What Alice Found:

The show-everything [nude] scene must have been difficult, Cine File suggested over brunch with Grace at French Roast in the West Village. (She ordered pasta, he an omelet.)
“It was and it wasn’t, because it was a closed set and they [the crew] were really respectful. No one made me feel uncomfortable” Grace reported.
“I allowed my own nervousness to fuel the scene. I didn’t try to get rid of it or cover it up. I just let it be as awkward as it was.”
Grace doesn’t have a new movie lined up, but she’d like to work with Sofia Coppola, Todd Solondz, John Sayles and Steve Buscemi.
What about Woody Allen, or is his personal life too troubling?
“Do I have to answer that?” she said after a pause.

(“And would you date an old man with a beard?” Cine File asked off the record, of course.)
This year alone, Musetto has had face time with Erika Marozsan (“The role requires a lot of nudity by Marozsan, and Cine File wondered if she found it difficult to bare all in front of strangers…”); Ludivine Sagnier (“Sagnier, whose erotic performance in the French thriller ‘Swimming Pool’ has people calling her ‘the new Bardot’…”); and 13 year-old (!) Keisha Castle-Hughs (“a natural-born actor…. Keisha is terrific as tomboy Pai, who has to fight for love from her male-chauvinist grandfather, who marginalizes her just because she’s female…”). In the past, he’s enjoyed the company of Summer Phoenix (“The exotic-looking 24-year-old actress—youngest member of the acting clan that includes siblings Joaquin, Rain, Liberty and the late River—has appeared in 10 movies…”); Orla Brady (“Over lunch at Time Cafe in the East Village, Cine File points out that the movie [A Love Divided], which opens here on Friday, portrays the Catholic Church in a bad light…”).
There are more, but I feel icky all over as it is…

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Hey, I’m a student attending school in Auckland, New Zealand(which is a couple of blocks from where Keisha Castle-Hughs attends highschool) and I would like to know what you guys think of her acting in the very famous film-Whale Rider. And also, if you would like some info about her, i’d be happy to help.
Kelly-Epsom Girls Grammar School.

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