¡Viva los estúpidos!

For that completely historically ignorant hipublican on your holiday gift list; only $15.95. Not included: a fucking clue.
[Thanks Dave!]

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Yeah stick to that whole “they’re so stupid” thing. Really – how’s that been workin out for ya lately?

Yes, yes, keep calling Republicans stupid. Clearly that’s the way to advance your agenda.

You’re not stupid for being a republican. You’re stupid for appropriating Marxist imagery to promote your agenda. I mean, c’mon, man: when was the last time you saw democrat say “new world order”?

re: new world order —
al(ien) jourgensen, circa 1992, ministry’s psalm 69 album! you can’t tell me al jourgensen was a republican, particularly after appearing in spielberg’s butchering of A.I.

There is difference between stupidity and ignorance. The neocons and their corporate backers are neither. HOWEVER, they are supported by massive numbers of well-intentioned yet ignorant folks like these “hipublicans” that they has successfully duped with their slick ad campaigns and easy answers. The same kind of people who think Fox News really IS fair and balanced and that Jesus is okay with us bombing brown people to make ourselves feel safer.

Right – it’s only ok to bomb white people. Maybe you shouldn’t rely on George Carlin for your foreign policy. But who cares – this is the kind of idiocy that will keep your side out of power for a generation.

no, Orange County is that friend you’ve always hated who always started his sentences with “Right, blah blah blah,” implying, of course, his utter superiority to your shabby ideas.

Hey Matt, who’s to say that you’re who’s been duped by a bunch a freakish ultra-liberals that, surprise, don’t know what the fuck they’re talking about either. Keep subscribing to your conspiracy theories, repeating every anti-right thing you are told no matter who ludacris it is, and keep using your mommy and daddy’s money to bankroll your Starbucks-window-smashing visits to WTO meetings… I’m sure it’s a lot easier than being well-informed and thinking about what comes out of your mouth before you spew it.
BTW, why is it that only liberals are allowed to be clever?
Don’t get me wrong, I’m not really any more pro-Conservative any than I am pro-Liberal – I hate you all… get a life.

hey bruce willis, i mean, die hard moderate…allow me to play moderator for a moment here. (ha! two bad puns in that last sentence!)
methinks matt’s headline, which was prolly meant to be simply a semi-witty manipulation of the pro-che terminology of other shirts, was perhaps taken a bit too literally by those of us out there with more rightward leanings. well, not “us”, exactly, but “you guys.”
i think his point was merely that though the rightwing shirt producers were being ironic and witty themselves, that he personally took offense at the method they used to express their wit. like, for instance, my wearing a custom-made izod lacoste shirt with a dead cheney subsituted for the customary alligator. it would be offensive, see? (though admittedly not the best analogy)
furthermore, i think the point was merely an extension of this point, in a more witty, less verbose way.
finally, DHM, et al, as the fellow who does most of the ‘agenda-driven’ writing in this, the grave side of the site, i just wanted to let you know i have never used mommy and daddy’s money to smash starbucks windows.
i prolly was using my unemployment checks from my 18 months of bush-recession joblessness.

There’s not much need for interpretation. The post is barely a sentence long and manages to refer to republicans as stupid, ignorant and in need of a clue. What about – hey this isn’t funny and I don’t like it? No – it’s stupid and anyone who disagrees is a moron. That attitude may make you feel better but the arrogance and elitism does not serve you well at election time.
By all means, keep it up…
Enjoy 04!

#1. The matt who posted the comment about ignorance is not the same matt who put up the original post. Just to be clear.
#2. Just because George Carlin said it first doesn’t make it less valid.
#3. I go to Starbucks all the time, my father is a steelworker, and my mother is a secretary. I earned my way into college, because my father didn’t go to Yale, and I grew up in a poor-ass Texas town, not Kennybunkport.
#4. “Die Hard Moderate” is pretty oxymoronic.
#5. I read the article that spawned the post and I thought about at lenght before posting. I think about what’s going on in this country everday, and I strive to see both sides of the issue. That’s way more than can be said for people who label Liberals and Conservatives as “their side” and “our side.” I’m a bit more patriotic to divide our country right down the middle for the sake of political gain.
#6. I’m not listing my email address because I get enough ridiculous email from own family. I don’t need any from you.
#7. Thank you.

Wait, I thought I was the other Matt.
Are these shirts really any stupider than the ones they are riffing on? And would there wearers be any more ignorant than the the weares of Che shirts bought at the Urban Outfitters? C’mon.
I was in a weird nouveau Mexican restaurant in Boulder, CO and they had all this Bob Marley and Che stuff on the walls and the mojitos were $7!!! Now I KNOW Che would have had that placed bombed for the $7 Mojitos.

anotherMatt is right – are the kids who wear the original Che shirt aware of who Che was and what he stood for?
Perhaps some of them know he was a brutal Stalinist but aren’t quite sure what that means and why it’s bad. Mostly they just wear it to look cool and have no idea about the underlying message.
I dunno – that sounds like the real ignorance to me. But to you, the ignorance is with people who wear the clever response that pokes fun at it, and not the ones who blindly wear the original.
It must be those people that you disagree with who are stupid since you are obviously so smart right?
So… who is being divisive again?

eh, i just threw in my leftist-towel after i read the post re: che guavara as a stalinist.
anyone who bluntly conflates stalinism with marxism/socialism without allowing for any nuances is, in fact, ignorant, contrary to all my defenses of these same people above as merely being the victim of a misread/misunderstood bit of wit-gone-bad.
i guess what they really are is merely victims of some sort of ill-funded educational system which didn’t require a lot of scholarly reading on their part(s).
ta ta, OC et al!

Do an honest study of history and you’ll find that Che routinely had his politically enemies executed. Nah that’s nothing like Stalin. Not in your world…

yes, my mistake. having your political enemies executed or assasinated, a la hussein and his sons, or trying to take out castro in the 60s, or going after latin american leaders in the 70s…that would be american democracy. i’ll try and not confuse them next time.
but i’ll leave the last word to tha OC as he/she wants it so badly.
t-minus one,

hahahah yoni, i had to look that one up, but funny shit. i didnt know there was a proper terminology for the phenomenon, which, for the uninitiated, is here.
also, to whomever posted the very rational and sentient argument about marx, stalin, etc, as the original matt, linking to this site, implying they were the piece’s author…not cool; the spoofing had to be taken down, which was a shame cos it was a good post otherwise.

Yeah those things are the same. Alrighty then. If that’s how you view american democracy, it’s no wonder you hate this country so much. Way to bring nothing but misery to the table – that’ll really get people on your side. Do yourself a favor and reread this thread after the election.

Looks like the editors of VoxFux need to buy WMD’s so they can take down the EVIl right wing conspiracy of doom. As if the left wing isn’t made up of the same people. They just play the GAME differently. It is a very entertaining site and if anyone wants a good laugh, go there. BTW there is no such thing as a liberal politician. There are only 3 types of political people; constictors of freedom, anarchists, and the people who have to live with the 2 aforemetioned bodies of fuckwads.

Okay, there’s been a bit of confusion.
Let’s get this matt thing straight.
First, there’s the matt who posted the picture of the t-shirt.
Then, there’s me. I belong to the post drawing a distinction between stupidity and ignorance and the numbered post where I described my mother’s and father’s professions.
I also made a post about marxism v stalinism which apparently was taken down.
Let me say that I in no way meant to take credit for the picture on the lowculture site. If anyone thought I was doing that, I am VERY SORRY. I was trying to explain that I was a different matt than that and I guess I managed to do just the opposite of what I intended.
SO, please accept my humble apologies if I have offended anyone. I will study up on the nuances of posting comments before I put up any more.

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