So Fresh and so Clean

Hilton at the premiere of The Simple Life; Diddy shynes in white.
One last Hilton post (we all hope): Let’s say you’ve just done something you feel really bad about, like appearing in a homemade porn video or allowing your protege to shoot up a New York nightclub. How do you tell the world you feel remorse but that you’re untouchable, above the charges, and so fresh and so clean?
The white suit, of course! Long favored by plantation owners and Southern law men, the white suit is your best option for conveying, you know, innocence.

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Well, ghettos are where poor, black people live, and poor black people are junky and don’t work, and this JUNKY OLD TRUCK doesn’t work…so, even if I can’t define — or spell — ‘metaphorical transference’, I know it when I see it. You know?

If you think the timing of the sex video “leak” was just a coincidence, I have a bridge to sell you.

Really, I’d love to sell that bridge to someone who not only believes the timing of the tape was an accident, but thinks private home videos are “porn.”
Come on, Matt. Take a time out and rethink your Paris Hilton posts.

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