Make me look on the outside like I feel on the inside


Saw the trailer for The Last Samurai last night. What’s the deal with Tom Cruise always wanting to be uglied up in his movies? In the Samurai trailer we get two shots of a badly bruised and swollen Cruise, his coverboy looks destroyed.
Reminded me of Vanilla Sky, in which he spent the majority of that film looking like Quasimodo.
Any shrinks out there wanna take a crack at this?

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it’s called ‘searching out great roles’, matty. and since there’s a dearth of retarded schoolteacher/parent roles, and all the suicidal muse parts are dealing with women poets or desparing housewives, you need to gussy yourself up ugly-wise to nail the killer parts if yer a mega-super-scientology-star! (really though, maybe someone better versed in “xenu” and technological reliance can explain the possible linkage to hubbard)

He wants an Oscar, and the Rainman parts get more golden statues than the handsome sidekick roles (plus, he’s probably wanting it a little more now that his ex snagged one last time).

Wanting to look pretty = wussy, girly, gay.
Happily getting uglied up = straight, straight, straight!
Whatever helps you sleep at night, Tom.

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