In the town, where I was born…

aero.184.jpgyellow submarine.jpg
New Spy Gear Aims to Thwart Attacks in Iraq by Eric Schmitt“Yellow Submarine” by The Beatles
UPDATE: Talk about topicality! Yellow Submarine for the super-rich. (Sorry merely rich and filthy rich: this one’s for the super-rich.)

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hey, it seats three but only seems to have two head bubbles. what about the third person? it doesn’t look like that much fun for them.

Reptilia, yours is really good, too. Now, if you could only do a side-by-side voice comparison, we’d get to the bottom of the Britney/Hilary thing.

Matt, you are too kind. Unfortunately, that really isn’t going to be possible, seeing as how their real voices are never really used in any of the albums.
Ps. your blog is great.

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