A Caricature for 40 years, now a cartoon

Every phone box and bus stop in midtown is smeared with the cartoon face of Robert Evans, so I feel it’s my duty to inform you that Kid Notorious is on tonight at 10:30 PM EST on Comedy Central. I don’t know whether the show’s good or not, but the presence of a sassy Black maid and an anime-like cat called “Puss-puss” on the Kid Web site doesn’t bode well.
Anyway, here’s some advice for all you aspiring starlets from Uncle Bob’s book:
Speaking to the ladies: If you’re ever approached with the line ‘You ought to be in pictures, I’m a producer,’ tell the guy to fuck off. He’s a fraud, and the picture he wants to put you in don’t play in theaters. ‘You ought to be in pictures’ just ain’t the M.O. of a legit producer. Quote me if you want.
Consider it done, Bob.