“…To be continued”

After yet another volley in the sadly commonplace back-and-forth of Israeli-versus-Palestinian violence, the New York Times has thrown together a rather slapdash “analysis” of the most recent round of deaths, and more specifically, the reporting and documentation thereof by the two respective sides.
How does author James Bennet conclude the piece? With this simple paragraph consisting of one short sentence:
“Hamas vowed to retaliate for the Israeli air strike.”
He may as well have written, “Tune in tomorrow as our story continues.” And to think that I’d always wondered what happened to the serial novels of generations past.

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If it were not so sad it would be funny. Coverage by the NYTimes is reading rather like an action novel by a senile writer…like a James Michener with Alzheimers, who keeps forgetting how to end the story. All we are left with is the stereotypically commentary.

“…stereotypically commentary.”
Stereo-topical Commentary?
Stereo-Optigon Karma Sutra?
Ain’t typos a bitch?

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