New God of Sunshine

Since it opened in 2001, The Landmark Sunshine Theater has proved a nice addition to the city’s downtown art house scene. Roomier than The Quad, better sound and sight lines than The Angelika (plus no rumbling subways), and with more widely-appealing selections than Film Forum, The Sunshine became the destination of choice to see stuff like Adaptation, Bowling for Columbine, and all your other required “indie” film texts.
Sadly, I can never go there again.
Why? It seems that Dallas Mavericks owner Mark Cuban has just bought Landmark Cinemas. If Cuban (or “Cubes” as the perpetually frat-like superrich overgrown man boy likes to be called) isn’t the most annoying zillionaire in America, he’s damn near close. This is the guy who ran around like Richie Rich on a bender for the benefit of Esquire writer Mike Sager in April 2000’s profile “Yeaahhhh Baabaabbyyy!” (Available to subscribers only.) (Quick highlight: “Cubes [is] wearing a T-shirt, upon which his girlfriend had scrawled, ‘I want you to pin my legs back like a Safeway chicken.'”) Just today, The New York Post quoted Cubes as saying, ” “Every now and then I will catch myself and look around and just smile. Anyone who says it’s a burden having this much money is a moron.” Who’s a moron, Cubes?
I’d rather sit in the coffin-like confines of the Angelika than give this guy another $10.