low culture: now in convenient t-shirt form

Serving Suggestion: Dumb shirts for smart people, and vice versa
Ever since we took that Learning Annex course on maximizing your brand through cross-promotional marketing (taught by Fonzworth Bentley of P. Diddy’s umbrella-handling fame), we’ve been trying to figure out a surefire way to extend the mighty brand that is low culture.
At first, we considered branching out into television, but honestly, any moron can get a show on TV nowadays. Next, we thought about a line of children’s multi-vitamins, but the damn Flintstones have that market locked. Also, our bodies aren’t available in easily-swallowed shapes.
Then it hit us: Poorly made T-shirts, undergarments, and mugs with clever slogans: those would sell, right? Heck, even halfway clever slogans might sell.
So we went with the halfway clever slogans. With that in mind, we present to you lowculturemart, home of our new, excessively large line of overpriced, crummy products.
Buy our crap, please: Fonzworth will be so proud.