low culture 2.0: See How Low We Can Go!

Hey, everybody. I don’t usually write for the site that often, preferring instead to stay behind the scenes working on business stuff, but I’m stepping out from behind the curtain to announce some super exciting changes here at low culture.
Since we did so well with our line of T-shirts, mugs, and undergarments, we have enough money to hire some new writers. We’re super-psyched to have these new voices on the site and we’re sure they’re going to revitalize low culture for the better.
First up is Stevie Boots, our new low culture TV critic. Stevie’s written for People, The Chronicle of Higher Education and Res. (Don’t bother googling his name: his stuff was all un-bylined.)
Also on the culture front is Carter Blanche, our new music critic. He co-edited the semi-legendary MP3 blog Sound, Dur, which was nominated for a 2005 Bloggie and was mentioned in Time Out NY. He listens to everything from hip hop to crunk and we’re proud that he’ll be bringing his expertise to low culture.
On the ‘Grave’ side of the spectrum is our new politics and books writer, Otto Preminger. Otto was an assistant editor for The Public Interest and has contributed to Post-Neo-Natal: The Under-30 Political Generation Comes of Age, the highly regarded anthology of political writings. Otto’s also an excellent cook and runs a sort of political cultural salon out of his Brooklyn Heights apartment that has attracted staff members from The New Yorker and The New York Times.
Last, but definitely not least, is our hot new sex columnist, Miranda Gonnerman. Miranda wrote ‘Miranda’s Right,’ Kenyon College’s sex column where she covered everything from bisexuality to lesbianism to threesomes! (Her column was so hot it’s not even available online! Sizzzzzle!) You can send your sex queries to Miranda and she’ll offer you expert advice.
So, that’s us. Consider this a soft launch for low culture 2.0. We’ve got a lot of awesomely excellent ideas we’re bouncing around with some powerful, creative people in the industry. Stick around and see!