When even President Bush seems to have stopped taking this war seriously…

“Iraq war has taken a toll of 2,000 — Latest death reflects a trend: Insurgency now flares up in areas U.S. thought safe”, the Los Angeles Times, October 26, 2005
“Bush: Iraq war will require more sacrifice”, Reuters, October 25, 2005:

As the U.S. military death toll in Iraq reached 2,000, President George W. Bush said on Tuesday the war will require more time and sacrifice, and rejected calls for a U.S. pullout.
“Each loss of life is heartbreaking, and the best way to honor the sacrifice of our fallen troops is to complete the mission and lay the foundation of peace by spreading freedom,” Bush said, his voice breaking with emotion as he spoke at a luncheon of military wives at Bolling Air Force Base in Washington.

That emotion that broke his voice? Fear…and the realization that four years of hypocrisy and deception regarding Iraq may very well be taking its toll on his beloved legacy.
Poor sap.

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When with this Bush nightmare end? It just keeps getting worse. Please wake me up, wake up the the republicans… from this nightmare!

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