Quelle surprise! Iraqi women to be fucked over!

In the wake of news that the latest draft of Iraq’s proposed constitution drastically curtails the rights of women, one can’t help but consider that this scene from last fall’s 2004 Republican National Convention seems remarkably prescient:
Because whether you’re a rapper or just part of the Republican base, bitches ain’t shit, it seems, but votes and gimmicks.

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Whats that you say? President Bush has a history of taking advantage of demographic groups without actually improving their situations? That’s simply impossible because, as every right-winger knows, the president is an honest man. He once witnessed to a secret service agent. That proves it, he can do no wrong.

What`s that you say?? Our fine men and women of the armed forces went to Iraq and almost 1900 have died and 25,000 and counting have been maimed for freedom?? Well well, do any of the Bush supporters feel like those who sacrificed the most for Iraq`s “freedom” got their moneys worth? If they say yes they must own stock in Exxon and Halliburton. Where is the outrage? Where is the justice?

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