This is what makes “Premium” membership so worth it

Available now on Salon’s elite newsfeed for premium subscribers, your questions about “why guys do those things they do”, finally answered:

Killer instincts
What inspires young men and women to become suicide bombers? Religious fanaticism? Nationalism? Alienation? Or some toxic mix of all three? (by Laura Miller, July 26, 2005)
Divine secrets of the comb-over brotherhood
What makes powerful men embrace the world’s lamest do? Twang those glistening strands and you’ll hear a strange song about virility, status and even death. (by Melena Z. Ryzik, July 27, 2005)

Ladies, sleep soundly. Successfully unlock the secrets of either of these famous cults of masculinity, and this War on Terror™ will be over justlikethat, we’re sure of it.

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I read on Salon –in its premium section– that W has changed the name of the War on Terror to “the global struggle against violent extremism.” The registration for a trademark for TGSAVE is pending.

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