The Man’s Got Nothing On Him (Boys, On the other hand…)

Lucky (Boy) Fucker: Relieved, Jackson’s going home to bury himself in his Blanket.

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No doubt the guy is a confuse weirdo, and probably a huge alky and prescription drug abuser at that.
But perhaps…just perhaps… the DA is a uniquely incompetent asshole whose ego way outsizes his prosecutorial abilities, who’s still stinging from losing control of the case he probably could have won and now lashed out at one he had no chance in hell of winning.
But what do I know. I just read the papers…

It wasn’t until the verdict came through that I realized I cared. I really wanted him convicted. Most of the people who seemed to care were nutsos who screamed for acquittal and, frankly, these people needed a beat-down. People released doves? Jury members wept? The BBC interrupted its entire World Service? What more was there to say but ‘Not Guilty?’ And yet they spoke. Why do THEY hate us? Because we beg for punishment. Only horror can wake America. Personally I’m horrified every goddamned day but what’s it gonna take for all of us to get up?

So, they burned a cross on MJs lawn, but they didn’t get to lynch him.
Suck on it, Nancy Grace

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