Hello Muddah, Hello Faddah…


A military inquiry has found that guards or interrogators at the Guantánamo Bay detention center in Cuba kicked, stepped on and splashed urine on the Koran, in some cases intentionally but in others by accident, the Pentagon said on Friday.
The investigation into allegations that the Koran had been mishandled also found that in one instance detainees’ Korans were wet because guards on the night shift had thrown water balloons on the cellblock.
Military Details Koran Incidents at Base in Cuba, by Eric Schmitt, The New York Times, June 4, 2005.

Dear Mom and Dad,
Greetings from Camp X Ray where if the food doesn’t kill ya, something else probably will! Ha ha ha. Just kidding.
I am having a lot of fun here and am meeting a lot of really, really nice people from all over the world. We do sports for one hour every day and we get to sing along to all kinds of music.
Our counselors are really crazy! One night they threw water balloons at us while we were sleeping! We all laughed a lot, but then we realized they got my Holy Koran wet and I got mad. But they apologized and promised all of us a pizza party! (Once a counselor accidentally splashed pee-pee on my bunkmate’s Holy Koran and we had an ice cream party.)
Next week we’re going to a petting zoo with real live animals! It’s gonna be great! We might also go swimming, but I am afraid I might drown. Ha ha ha.
I miss you both a lot and I hope to see you soon. Can you please send me a care package with fresh water and some Band-Aids?
Love, Your Son

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why are there even Korans there?
let me get this straight, these guys adapted a religious text into a violent intolerant ideology and then aided/participated in the mass murder of thousands of people and when we get them in jail we give them the same religious text that inspired them? is this the twilight zone?
is there another nation on the planet that would do this?
there’s plenty other reading material they can peruse while at Gitmo. i reccomend “Cruel Shoes” by Steve Martin

Most of “These guys” you refer to probably did nothing wrong except be at the wrong place at the wrong time. Even U.S. Intelligence authorities have conceded that the great majority of the detainees had nothing to do with the Big Bad OBL. So what goes on in Gitmo boils down to harrassment/Humiliation/Torture on SUSPICION of being a terrorist.

Ooh, SNAP, horns! What a comeback! I’ll certainly never again make the argument that non-terrorists are incarcerated in gitmo for no reason other than our stubborn laziness! No sir!

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