Fantastic Fall

This summer, as we eagerly await the release of yet another crop of comic book movies from the Marvel/DC Comics pipeline, Twentieth Century Fox’s upcoming Fantastic Four is looking to be quite a rough-and-tumble tale. Well, at least the trailers make this out to be the case, featuring little more than a series of elaborate, action-packed falls from buildings on the part of the film’s heroes and villains.
After all—and most studio executives will agree with us, here—nothing is more thrilling to today’s moviegoing audience than a character’s being hurled from atop a great height, right? I ask you, can an intriguing sub-plot be thrown from a skyscraper? No. A complex, well-shaded character arc? Can that cling desperately to a window ledge suspended fifty stories above street level? No, of course not.
So, here we are, with the Fantastic Four‘s fantastic falls:
An unidentified firefighter, on the verge of falling (from a bridge)
Mr. Fantastic, also on the verge of falling, but from a building
The Thing and Doctor Doom, actually falling, also from a building
Johnny Storm/The Human Torch, also falling, also from a building
The film’s director, Tim Story: soon to throw himself from the highest building in Hollywood?

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“Fantastic Fall”: is that like some kind of parody of how an Asian would say “Fantastic Four”?

Although I have been waiting for this movie for a long time, my expectations aren’t high. But I will say that it does look like a traditional comic book movie.

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