Finally, The Liberal Media Reveals the Truth

It’s Gotta Be The Shoes: Ann Coulter on the cover of TIME, April 25, 2005

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If she is just having fun, it’s some of the most unfunny hateful fun I’ve seen in a while.
This is why i only listen to sports talk radio. I get angry enough when the scores aren’t DIRECTLY ON THE FOURS.

Nice picture- looks like she’s waiting in a psychologists’ office for the results of her MMPI. Congrats, “Ann,” you can have the operation!

I don’t agree w/everything she says, but she’s entertaining and I like her. Kinda. I’m serious.

You like her? Yes, she sure is funny when she says in all seriousness that we should invade all muslim countries, kill their leaders and convert them to Christianity. (And, no, she will not take that statement back.) Yup, I can sure see why you’d like a fine person like Ann Coulter.
Personally, I think Ann Coulter is a vile, hate-filled person in vaguely attractive wrapping. People have a hard time accepting that a slender woman can be evil, but Ann is doing a good job of curing many people of that prejudice.
As for that picture, I’m amazed at the way they managed to hide her Giraffe-like neck by having her lean forward and hunch over.

As someone who has had the distinct displeasure of seeing her in the summer, in short shorts, count yourself lucky that the Time cover doesn’t show the cottage cheese texture of her skinny thighs.

the best part of this feature story is that the highly reputable “journalists” at Time magazine were sooo eager for an incindiary image to accompany the story that they ran a photo of a mock protest sign held up by the ProtestWarrior group when they were demonstrating AGAINST an antiwar rally
did the dunderheads at Time really think that there was a group called “Communists For Kerry”

Ann Coulter is wearing the Wicked Witch’s shoes.
I wonder what she did with Dorothy Gale’s body?

Ann Coulter is not very smart and not very kind. She does not sing well and does not produce great poems, novels, or paintings. Her athletic accomplishments are minor. She did not serve her country with distinction on the battlefield. She is not especially attractive. She sculpts like a four-year-old. Given all that I think there’s no reason to pay her any attention. She is a non-entity and is doomed to disappear with her skinny body.

i think its only fitting on this 10 year anniversary of a despicable act of domestic terror to remember what mann coulter said, “My only regret with Timothy McVeigh is he did not go to the New York Times Building.”
nice. gotta love those kinds of values.

I really find her flawed in so many ways. There was an interesting bit on a Canadian investigation show called W-Five, where they were investigating the left wing bias in new agencies, specifically telivsion in general and more specifially the Fox News show.
In fact, the Fox News show made a fairly poor tasting hack at the W-Five epsisode. I bring it up because Ann Coulter is also intervied in it, and shows that her knowledge of history is a bit to be desired to say the least.
I tried to find an url to post about it, but could not -damn google 😉 Any way, there’s another article posted about this blogs subject here:

Come on already. Ann is a beautiful and intelligent woman, who happens to be a conservative. Play fair, TIME, but of course you won’t. Doesn’t matter, she is beloved by the right and hated by the left-where many of the women have legs like elephants and everyday is a bad hair day. Rule on, Queen Ann!

“Beautiful”?? Coulter is average: AT BEST. She’s totally ordinary looking, even with all the airbrushing and layers of makeup. It’s only her seething hatred and despicable bigotry that makes people pay any attention to her at all. And even that is completely, and regrettably, ordinary in every trailerpark in America: You know, where all her “fans” are? She’s a lying, ignorant, jingoistic coward spreading misinformation and propaganda. But if you find that sort of thing attractive, by all means- the picture is right at the top of the page for you to masturbate to.

I think that last post his on something there: “…ordinary in every trailerpark in America”
I dismiss the trailer park, or rather replace it with “home” – many people are as ignorant and hateful as she is, her only difference is she’s not afraid to let it out.
That’s why she’s famous. She’s brave.

Alas!!!! there IS justice———Thank u TIME —-I shall buy a copy ,frame it AND SHOOT DARTS AT IT—-DAILY !!!

While Coulter does say some things that are “over the top”, she is a very educated and skilled at articulating HER ideas. The only difference between her and complete stupidity (like Michael Moore) is that Michael Moore rarely backs his statements up. We conservatives have put up with enough hatred and seething rage from the supposedly “peaceful” left (Dems) that I’d Coulter any day.

What?!?! Ann a MAN? I am so confused! Them there pointy shoes sure could do some damage! Ann could nail me to my car and tell me if I’m not so straight or… Now I am even more confused and strangely exicted too… Even MORE confused!!!

Libs always believe they are the only ones with educated independent thought, Libs always show their true colors in the end, Ann Coulture says what she believes and doesn’t back down, I love her.
Libs are tolerant of everyone and everything,except a differance of world views, if you don’t agree then your some uneducated backwoods hick.
Poumpous asses.

Wit them thar pointie shooz Miss Ann got on , heck she sure nuff could take a great big old chunk O’ pompous outta my bloated big old red state ASS! I think pompous is simular to Possum , we all sure do luv Possum on the grill! Come on down our way Ms. Ann and have sum grilled Possum , sure dew have more than nuff to go round!

Not a funnybone in the entire Party. 🙁
But I love it when people are proud enough to stand up for their racist and bigoted opinions too. Hurray for freedom and bigots!

again anyone whom you don’t agree with is a rasist and a bigot….who’s narrow minded now?

Whaaa! Someone doesn’t like my big hero in life, so I’ll just attack them with sweeping generalizations! Boo-Fucking-Hoo. Coulter is a hack, and yes, she is a racist. You obviously approve of that sort of thing or you wouldn’t defend her. Anyone who disagrees is…a what? A “lib”? HAW HAW! That’s rich.

Double Plus Ungood thoughts! Double Plus Non-Mutual anti-progressive e-mails , Ungood CUBED!
The Ministry Of Truth & Thought Crime will soon be after me for being Triple Ungood E-mails and unmutual anti Progress Bad Think-Type-Thoughts!!!

Labelling your audience “liberals” or “conservatives” is a classic tool to denigrate and dehumanise them. By lumping people into baskets and putting labels on them makes it easier to dismiss ideas and opinions that you neither understand nor care to investigate.
As intelligent beings of free will, we should be supporting media that seeks to inform and convey the truth, rather than following opinion and filters.
Only when people stop looking to categorise and label will a sensible discussion of the real issues facing our world occur.

But are “real issues” things like The Defense of Marriage or The Distribution of Wealth? Only when the treasonous liars of the right are sleeping permanently in their underground mass dormitories will progress begin.
When her carapace has dried and flaked and blown away in the wind the She-Coulter and her feeble beliefs will be forgotten but human joy, common sense, dignity, nobility, and justice will live on forever.
The time is upon us. Take what is yours.
Hold on to Liberty with one hand and defend it with the other.
Or not, whatever, I have dual citizenship.

Not everyone whom I disagree with is a bigot, of course; in fact, I don’t believe I mentioned such a thing! Perhaps I agree with her racist remarks, eh? Eh?
Karl, you’ve a point, but the media isn’t serving it’s purpose anymore. It doesn’t seek the truth. It’s a mouthpiece, a way for those with power to get their talking points to the public.
Just watch CNN for a day. Or FOX News. Or MSNBC. Or…

To back up my point, just look at the cover. Sure, Ann Coulter sells a lot of books, but what does she really contribute to the national dialogue? Nothing but vitriol, really. It’d be the same as putting William Donohue on the front cover.
So, why put someone who contributes nothing of intellectual value on the cover of TIME? Because she contributes to the *debate*, such as it is. And there is a difference, kiddies… And between intellectual dialogue and debate, which do you think scores higher ratings?
Yes, that’s right.

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