A definitive and comprehensive list of African-American actors and characters appearing in films directed by Stanley Kubrick

kubrick_jamesearljones.jpg James Earl Jones
as Lt. Lothar Zogg in 1964’s Dr. Strangelove or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love the Bomb

Kills thousands.

kubrick_scatmancrothers.jpg Scatman Crothers
as Dick Hallorann in 1980’s The Shining


kubrick_dorian.jpg Dorian Harewood
as Eightball in 1987’s Full Metal Jacket


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I slapped you good over Solondz (and I think the Solondz/Graduate post was also very unfair), but this one almost makes up for it.

You left out James Edwards, the parking lot attendant who Timothy Carey calls the N-word to get him to go away so he can shoot a racehorse in THE KILLING.

You also forgot Treva Etienne, as a morgue orderly in Eyes Wide Shut.
And Woody Strodes, as a gladiator in Spartacus.

and where are the black actors in Peter Jackson’s movies!!!
that thar Lord Of The Rings trilogy had NONE.
None i tell you!
i don’t have to say “racist” to mean racist.

Hey hornofthedevil, didn’t you know Black People weren’t around in Middle Earth? We only sprang up a few years ago (about 1900) and only exist in the present (at least according to television and film) since we are not in The Flinstones (the past) or The Jetsons (the future).

There were some kinda Orcs or something that appeared to have those crazy rastafarian hairdos. But I guess a lot of white kids wear those darned things, too.

A funny notion, though you did really miss a bunch of black actors in Kubrick’s movies (as small as their roles may have been).

You’re missing at least one; a black actor appears in Barry Lyndon at about an hour and a half, during the first scene between Lady Lyndon and Mr. Barry.

It’s about time that black people in America stopped worrying so much about bullshit like this. There’s nothing racist about not making movies about black people. You aren’t the center of the universe, you’re only about 13% of the population in America, and while there are certainly some movies in which you are under-represented, overall you are vastly over-represented in Hollywood. Worst of all is the fact that black racism is epidemic, and it is ridiculously overt… two wrongs don’t make a right, and racism is not the exclusive domain of whites. I have two messages for you: number one, black Americans need to pay attention to and curb their own disgusting racism. Number two, you can go ahead and stop feeling angry and hurt over the slavery thing now. Every race has been slaves at some time or another in history, and like all those times, your slavery is over now. Would you prefer to have been born in Africa, a continent where the average lifespan is only 30 years thanks to famine, disease, and warfare? Be thankful that you are who you are and where you are, and have some goddamn charity in your heart for people of other races.

Why is it ignorant? Because it makes you feel uncomfortable? Because it makes you think?
Arturo, you hit the nail on the head bro. If you would’ve ended your post with the words “over-represented in Hollywood”, you would’ve knocked it out of the park.
The rant that follows that paragraph? I can agree it’s on a whole new level. I ain’t gonna call it ignorant, but it’s definitely out of context.

my favorite are the bumper stickers that say:
“Stop Black on Black Crime”
the beauty of overtly selective morality

Ah, Kubrick, that wiley bastard. Dead, but still stirring up controversy on satirical blogs.

Arturo, stop reading the “Drudge Report,” rip up your Klan card, and take a deep breath. Look up “satire” while you’re at it. Not to mention “humorless” and “methinks he doth protest too much.” That last one is Shakespeare; look him up when you learn to read instead of screed. Don’t forget to mail your disciple, “Sajan,” his check.

Ms. Coulter, when did you start using “Arturo” as a pen name? Your stuff is as hilarious as ever. I almost took you seriously until I remembered how dopey you can get.
Keep up the good work! Oh, and don’t forget to mail Sajan and hornsofthedevil their checks!

Hey, Arturo, your sheet is showing. And if you don’t tell me what I should be grateful for (and why I should be happy to be where I am), I won’t tell you to keep your stupid, condescending bullshit to yourself.
PS – there are white people in Africa too, moron.

Shahryar: Arabs and South Asians were reclassified as non-white sometime after the 1990 census.
Whitey, all whitey, needs to realize that prosperity in America has two essential foundation stones, the Indian Genocide, and Slavery. This includes the North, which benefitted indirectly from the low-cost products of the South. And this includes immigints who may have benefitted ex post facto but benefitted all the same. Should the gold stolen from Jews at Auschwitz be given to the sons of the jailers? After all, they didn’t steal it. No. Clearly some very bad things happened fairly recently and until those who continue to reap the rewards of those crimes express some true remorse and culpaility there will never be reconciliation. ‘Whuddn me’ is not going to solve anything. ‘Whuddn me’ is not a policy. It is not a stance. It is not a position. It is an ignorant cop out. Sure if black people and Indians just ‘got over it’ the problem would be solved. But without justice. And what’s the good of that except assuaging the low feelings of closeted racist honkeys? Personally I am Ofay so I can use these words without them being racist.
Anyway, the Kubrick thing is funny.

Arturo: please stop embarrasing literate white people. First, the difference between black and white racism–one difference anyway–is that white racism works. White people like you, who are irrationally angry at blacks (and, I suspect, women, Hispanics, non-white foreigners, etc.), cause real, systematic damage to minority communities and thus the nation at large. Second, your unforgiveably dull-witted admonishment to black people to “get over” slavery ignores–among many other things–the history of racism in this country after slavery. In short, please get your head out of your ass.

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