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One Word For You: Premium

Remember the party scene in The Graduate where Benjamin Braddock is buttonholed by his father’s friend who has one word for him, “Just one word”?
Well, we have one word for you: Premium.
Due to the amazing success of our reader feedback module (you know, the little “Did you find this content useful?” radio buttons that have sprouted up on this site like wild flowers on the side of the highway), we’ve decided to go premium. Following the successful model of Salon and several other pay-per-view sites, we’ve implemented a premium area to provide our core readers with the best this site has to offer.
Membership has its privileges:
– Only Premium subscribers can turn off pop-ups and sirens.
– Premium members get a 10% discount at the low culture store.
– Premium members get customized content: no more ‘Shallow’ posts for all you political junkies; no more ‘Grave’ for all you pop culture vultures.
– Premium members are automatically signed up to receive information from our advertisers and special weekly e-promotions.
Sign up now!

7 replies on “One Word For You: Premium”

sign me up!!! one question, though: do you lowculture peeps deliver unto us spyware and adware, or do the blue-state “Grave” people laugh at us red-state “Shallow” people about such petty, so-called invasive matters?

Salon you ain’t even nearly.
I’m gone, and for cutting an article in half, with the the second half behind a fee, losers.

great joke. I was actually very angry for a moment until I realized it was a joke. Also, the blank picture was an excellent addition.

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