Your Privacy Is Important to Us

schindler-schiavo-parents.jpgDear Mr. and Mrs. Schindler,
As Terri Schiavo’s parents, please accept this humble donation of $500 in support of your battle to keep your beautiful daughter alive. Our thoughts, prayers, and pocketbooks are with you in your time of need, and may God bless you in your support of the sanctity of Life.
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RELATED: List of Schiavo Donors Will Be Sold by Direct-Marketing Firm, the New York Times, March 29, 2005
(Thanks to Jeff.)

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It’s like i’ve said from the beginning. Strangely, the only jerkoff involved who even gives half a rat’s ass about Terri is her porno moustache husband, and even he’s pretty squirrelly.
Her parents are in it for the borderline Munchausen by Proxy spotlight, and all the protestors are in it to get their hysterical agendas documented on film.
If I were involved in the middle of this craziness I’d yank the tube out of my own stomach and run full force off a cliff.

Jesus, you be more insenstive? This is a dying woman, Susie. Terry’s husband’s mustache — like it or not — has nothing do to with this case. And her parents are just trying to save their daughter. Plus, you don’t undertand how feeding tubes work, clearly. You can’t just “yank the tube” and start running — there’s a reason why you have one — it’s because YOU CAN’T RUN OR DO ANYTHING ELSE. You’re trapped on your bed. Think about that before you just start snarking.

could you stop posing as ‘a different jessica’? You already chased her away completely…what is your problem?

“a different jessica” IF we may call you that…
Many different reasons for feeding tubes, including getting one’s throat irradiated for cancer. In which case Yeah! You can run like the wind!
As for this sideshow, only in Florida…

hey, a different jessica…
news for you: she’s not a dying woman. she’s dead already. brain-dead. ask a neurologist what that means. or any doctor. she doesn’t feel anything. she isn’t communicating with you when she blinks. those are called autonomic functions. i think sensitivity in this case is respecting her privacy and that of her family. and for married people, family typically means first your spouse and children, then your parents, then extended family.

Just so everyone knows, that is not the ‘a different jessica’ that used to post here. This asshole chased her off by stealing her user name and misrepresenting her on the boards.
The real one hasn’t posted here in at least a week.

I miss the real Different Jessica. Above is just the Same Jessica.
Having their creep mailing list sold makes me think maybe there is some sort of higher power. Even the NYPost has finally given up on this disgusting display. Sickos.

healthy soldiers dropping like flies…..
the UN saying the number of starving children in Iraq has doubled since the US arrival….
and what does the government spend its time on?
steroids in baseball and prolonging the suffering of a human vegetable

perhaps we could feed the starving children with the human vegetables! oh, no… wait… where would they get their protein? are there any medical conditions out there that turn people into human tofu?

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