Further proof there is no God

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I’m going to go out on a limb and say God DOES exist and is tired of watching these dumb fucking people draw out this woman’s agony. If God wants her alive, take the tube out and see what happens.
“If Jesus came back and saw the things being done in his name, he’d never stop throwing up.”
– Woody Allen
I’m a Christian and that’s my favorite movie quote of all time.

Agh, please let the poor thing die this time. The cruelty of this unchristian circus is absolutely nauseating. Propping her up and waiting for any kind of facial movement to prove she’s “responsive” and can “improve”.
Lesson to us all. Get those fucking living wills filled out!

I like that fuckin’ Skeletor bitch with the helmet-hair in the top picture.
Ever notice how fuckin’ ugly x-ian women are? No wonder absinence is popular among jeezus-suckers.

I like that fuckin’ Skeletor bitch with the helmet-hair in the top picture.
Ever notice how goddamned ugly x-ian women are? No wonder abstinence is popular among jeezus-suckers.

It seems to me that there is no good answer on this, but I don’t think it should be up to congress. It’s obvious that the Rebpublican party’s obsesion witht his has nothing to do with life, but has everything to do with politics. Look, I ponder the relative advantages of certain positions as much as the next guy. I oppose Bush’s social security plan partially because when he loses it will be one hell of a win for us. But there is a line across which politics should bot even be a factor, and that line has clearly been crossed here.
Doctors all agree that Ms. Schiavo is not going to recover and writing of her husband as just not willing to care for her is unfair, I haven’t seen any evidence of that. In fact, I can understand both sides, to some extent. On the one hand, her husband sees the woman he loves suffering every day and knows that she will be better of after she passes on. On the other hand, her parents also love her and don’t want to let her go. But if we have to choose either her husband or her parents to make the decision that she would want made, why don’t we ask the husband that she chose rather than the parents that she recieved?

Also, could we not refer to Christians as X-tians? I realize that the letter “X” here represents the Greek language and all, but I don’t think that’s how it’s meant here. It seems like it’s being used as a derogotory term for a group that claims as members many who dislike Bush and don’t hate freedom.

Sorry soldier, Xian is the PROPER derogatory term for those with an irrational belief in a particularly offensive flavor of Stone Age superstition turdsicle, unable to employ reason or logic while rambling about ghosts, demons, burning bushes and other nonsense espoused in their holy Babble.

way to paint everyone with the same broad brush ipu, and good research too.
When do you graduate from highschool? Because your lashing anger at the ‘norm’ is truly shocking.

No shit. But in falsely painting all Christians as one same personality and lifestyle, ipu is obviously just trying to ‘rile up the man’ because he knows the real truth, YEAH!
Intolerance of Christianity (which comes in dozens of forms) is exactly the same as some christians’ intolerance of the non-theists. Or do you think two wrongs make a right?
You don’t know my brand of Christianity, so don’t accuse me of being closed minded or intolerant or backwards or, what i think is worst: fucking ugly.

If your son or daughter was in a similar situation, disregarding whether or not you wanted he/she to live or die, wouldn’t you want to make the decision as a parent rather than have your child’s spouse make the call? Especially when the spouse is seeing someone else? I think that the government has no right to interfere, and neither does anyone else, including the husband. It should be the call of Terri’s family, and if they want to keep her alive then so be it. I really don’t think it matters what anyone else thinks about whether or not to pull the tube.

Yeah, they want so badly to have her with them that instead of spending her last days at her side, they’re out grabbing the spotlight and passing out pamphlets.
The girl is suffering. Persistent Vegetative State means the only thing she can do is breathe and feel pain. To keep her alive is selfish on the part of the parents and everyone involved
If God wants her to live, as these people suggest, pull the tube and see what happens. If she makes a miraculous recovery, by God they were right.

KB: We have in this country laws. Lots of parents would love to make all sorts of decisions for their grown children but they aren’t allowed to. Furthermore at marriage the ‘next of kin’ transfers to the spouse. ‘If you were a parent’ doesn’t mean anything. If I were a parent I’d want to: choose my children’s spouses; convince top schools to educate my children for free; banish rightists to China (where I think they would do a great deal of good); establish a personal moonbase; travel back in time to a) hunt sabre-toothed tigers and b) invest in buggy whips. Meaningless.

Being a parent doesn’t give you anymore right to make decisions for your children than being a spouse does. The fact is that we choose our spouses, we don’t choose our parents. I know a great deal of people who would never want their parents making these sorts of decisions for them. Her husband is her next of kin. Her parents aren’t. Also, it occurs to me that if Terri is a Christian then surely her parents believe that she would be better off in heavon. As a Christian, I don’t exactly spend wakeless nights worrying about heavon.

The problem is, the LORD probably would want her to stop suffering like this for pete’s sake. the LORD doesn’t look kindly on keeping 90% dead people around for publicity reasons.
At least I don’t think he does.

hi lord! What’s your final word on that question I had for you last week?

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