Young Love, Republican Style

Hmmmm…my American education taught me that girls can get pregnant from heavy petting, even when you’re as furious about it as this guy is.

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Those aren’t strange hairlines. Those are WRONG hairlines.
Shame on you all for picking on chemo survivors or maybe it’s that Jew thing where they cover their hair with wigs. You buncha anti-Semitic haters of cancer patients! Bastards!! Shut up, shut UP, SHUT UP!!!

Dude- I’m so much better looking than that dude. And I’m sure I could drink him under the table. Jenna should love MEEEEEE.

He looks like he has his hand on her knee out of some grim sense of obligation– he’s not happy about it at all. She can do better. Maybe she should ask Chelsea to fix her up.

she looks terrified. are they watching a screening of Farenheit 9/11? Man, that guy is ugly…what’s with the rug?
DRAFT the Bush Twins!

Horrifying. Anyone remember that part in Germinal when the old poor dude strangles the rich chick? Sometimes sins are big enough to seep through generations.
I can’t get over that dude, god, a perfect case. Imagine the scenario, “I’ll show them, I’ll get rich and powerful and teach them. Stupid liberals with their sex and affection and civil society.”

sheesh… goyem. you can’t live with them and you can’t get them to stop procreating.

“Dude, dude, I went on this website called, started emailing with this girl JB, who seemed really cool. And then I went out and met her and it turned out to be the president’s daughter. Dude, dude, I’m totally freaked about this, fuck I totally lied to all the questions they asked. I know they’ve got mind control going on. Just sit still, try to think about bombs and stuff…oh, no…I wonder if she likes my Farrah slacks?”

He looks like some corporate mail-room worker who would snap one day and come in with a sawed-off shotgun and a gallon of gasoline. But maybe that’s just the shirt talking. And the hair. And the expression. Oh, hell. The whole package.

I never thought I’d see the day when our president was voted in by soulless robots.
Oh no, not that stiff guy there, I’m talking about Diebold machine soulless robots.

ahh its Henry Hager, son of former Lt. Gov. John H. Hager of Virgina. Turns out he’s a Tobacco heir, so Jenna’s covered for cheap smokes.

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