Meet Sen. Jim Talent, American Idiot

This never happened. Hey, look, over there…social security needs strengthening!
In the wake of yesterday’s disavowal of any sort of Defense Department responsibility for anything and everything relating to that ol’ Abu Ghraib fiasco from way back when, we encourage our readers in Missouri to become more intimately acquainted with their very own Senator Jim Talent (R). Look closely, folks…let the idiocy soak in. Bask in the impressive display of anti-logic. Get sodamnedclose that you’re tempted to hit the guy in the face with a bunch of rolled-up newspapers dating back to last year, hoping he’ll maybe take that opportunity to finally see what exactly introduced the term “Abu Ghraib” into the public lexicon:

“I don’t need an investigation to tell me that there was no comprehensive or systematic use of inhumane tactics by the American military, because those guys and gals just wouldn’t do it,” said Senator Jim Talent, a Republican from Missouri. “Everything about the culture and the training in the military and at home works against that. That’s why the terrorists are attacking us — because we’re not the kind of society that would do that.”

This has nothing to do with anything, but Sen. Jim Talent is up for re-election next year, Fall 2006.
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Remember kids: War is peace. That’s why the terrorists are attacking “us”. Oh, and don’t forget to blame those damn communist Free Software guys and Canadians.

oh the SHAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
we humiliated their precious honor by having detainees who were apprehended ENGAGING in terrorist activities(it wasn’t a jail for traffic violations) naked.
naked and on the floor!!!
we are clearly subhuman and beyond reproach.
BUT, lets reserve our judgement of the inurgent activities, they are from a different culture – one free of anything innately evil.
lets perpetuate the soft racism of that point of view.

Yikes. Is Talent that ignornant…or just plain stupid? Either way if Missouri re-elects someone this idiotic to the Senate, they should be kicked out of the union (and you’re next Florida!!).
horns, your anti-logic is stunning. By the miliary’s own admission 90% of the people detained in Abu Ghraib had no terrorist ties. But after having being sodomized by with fluorescent lights, electrocuted, beaten and sexually humiliated…but hey, we were spreadin’ some FREEDOM all over them! Why don’t those ingrates luuuuuuuv us???

Well Horns, the fact is that we hold supposedly hold ourselves to a higher standard then the insurgents. We are trying to tell them that we are in Iraq to spread democracy and human rights, that means that we have to prove it. Many of the insurgents have horrible immoral tactics. But, unfortonately, we have no control over that, we can only control our own troops. We are, in Bush’s own words, engaged in a battle for hearts and minds. That battle requires that the Iraqi people see that democratic countries are so much better than what they have now that it is worth breaking the status quo. Anytime we, as a nation, engage in anything looking like torture, we lose a little ground in that battle. I don’t hold the terrorists and insurgents to a different standard. When they are captures they need to be prosecuted with everything he law allows, and locked up for a very long time, but they shouldn’t be sodomized.

Eliza, i don’t think that assessment is accurate at all.
Let me state that i do not condne the hillbilly shenanigans of Abu Ghraib in any way – but i am super glad that the unauthorized dipwadds responsible for it(the highest ranking of the accused torturers at Abu Ghraib were Reservists, not Active Duty) are going to be breaking rocks in Levenworth for a long time. Thats the justice that needed to be served and it was.
its the idea that this is a pattern that goe all the way to the top (!!!!) that is ludicrous and a negative doom & gloom pipedream with no foundation of truth to it.
meanwhile, the images of Abu Ghraib have been circulated throughout the middle east endlessly and swayed the fence sitters to side with animals who readily target women, children and behead “infidels” – but don’t look for those images in the middle east. Al Jazeera refuses to broadcast them while inflating the isolated events from an unsupervised night shift.
the events at Abu Ghraib happened on ONE NIGHT. the record shows that the military was already investigating it before CBS broadcast the photos and it was our own active duty day shift soldiers who reported it.
what part of “supporting the troops” is conveniantly masking the fact that it was our troops who blew the whistle on the affair.
furthermore, the fact that a beheading video by Zarqowi’s group which demanded the release of Abu Ghraib detainees is proof positive that his murdering thugs were being held there. it stands to reason he wouldn’t be going to such lengths for ordinary innocent iraqis who he plots to kill every day he gets out of bed and his feet hid the ground.,,2-10-1460_1592029,00.html

Jimno (as I call him) will probably be re-elected for
lack of a good opponent as things appear now. Eliza,
you shouldn’t be so hard on us. Talent is no bigger
idiot than Bill Frist or Tom Delay or dozens of other
GOP Congressmen. If you want to kick a state out of the union, let’s start with Texas. They gave us both Bushes, Delay, Armey, the male escort phony name
“reporter” Guckert/Gannon, the Swiftboaters lies; plus they shot JFK.

My God. It makes me wonder how some people manage to keep breathing, no less become politicians.
However, this does further prove my theory that “adifferentjessica” is one strange cookie.

I would thank you for supporting my point. America invaded Iraq claiming to have the moral high ground. When we lose that ground at all, its a win for the enemy. Zarqawi and friends knows that they have no chance of defeating America militarily; all they can hope to do is make the people hate us. Most of Iraq has been trained by Saddam to hate America, they are pre-disposed to the idea that we are only out to hurt them. Events like the Abu Ghraib torture only lend credibility to that thought. You’re right that the insurgents are worse than we are, no one disagrees with you there (I think). But the fact is we have to be better than we are right now too or biased news sources in the Middle East will have that much easier of a job.

Needless to say, that wasn’t my post above. Internet stalkers are fun!

So now there’s a different different jessica. By the way, and I’ve been meaning to ask this for awhile, was there an original jessica?

I originally posted as jessica, and then I noticed there was another jessica who seemed sort of well established, so I adopted “a different jessica”
There are two quite telling clues as to which one is real and which one is a doppleganger.

Hey, don’t blame me, I voted for the dead guy’s wife. You remember the dead guy (Mel Carnahan) that beat John Ashcroft, even though he had been killed in a plane crash a month or so earlier?
The few us us with a brain left in Missouri will do out best to get the dumbass out, but it’s hard to outvote so many idiots

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