Staying on message, and keeping it consistent

How President Bush spent his Wednesday:
How Sens. Barbara Boxer and Charles Schumer spent their Wednesday:

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And you’ll see, according to the chart, the second number is higher than the first, and the third is higher than the first AND the second.
We’ll conclude today’s briefing with a New Math lesson by Schumer, where you’ll all have to add in base eight, and take into account that nine-tenths of a cent those grubbing bastards tack onto each gallon.
[Whatever. She probably drives a H2, too.]

When George says, ‘AFFORDABLE! RELIABLE! ENERGY!” you can be sure said energy will be expensive, and very shifty-eyed and deliquent, and will slouch when you tell it to stand up straight.

Nope, Bush Brand Energy won’t be “DEPENDABLE” either.
(don’t laugh, you’ll be old some day, too)

How is BB going to decrease the cost of energy? Wishing the cost of energy lower and blaming opposition doesn’t solve the problem.

Cost of Euro in 2000… 80 cents
Cost of Euro in 2005… 1.35 or so
Bush has devalued the dollar, that’s why oil prices are so high. Your dollars are worth less.

“Ok Chuck, with a little work, you should be able to get NY gas prices to match California’s. Yeah, we’ve both got Republican governors, but they can’t really stop us, can they? Now lets get back to that productive meeting with the solar/windfarm/soy/frenchfry oil folks…”

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