Somebody Up There Likes Dean

Howard Dean, March 9, 2005 (via Reuters)
But does anybody down here?
NB: That’s a rhetorical question. Please use comments to debate the following: Dogs are better than cats.

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Cats are certainly smarter than dogs. The proof? You will never see a team of cats pulling a sled through the snow.

Cats, true carnivores, cannot be domesticated to nearly the degree that dogs can. As a result, cat attacks on humans are exponentially more common than attacks from dogs. The small size of cats and the relatively minor injuries they inflict tend to give the impression that they are less menacing than dogs. This is a perfectly understandable misconception. Cats are fierce and are more prone to attack. Dogs are, on the whole, nicer.

Dogs rock. Cats are just okay. It’s that simple. I would much rather eat a dog but I wouldn’t. I imagine cats taste like pigeon. You know, when a dog is roasted whatever breed it started out as it resembles a Doberman Pinscher when it’s done. A snarling one.
Julia – Since when is performing manual labor proof of low intelligence? Up yours with your bourgeois prejudices, you classist monster. Truly evolved entities are capable of both selfless collective activity and individuality.

Both cats and dogs seem quite skilled at licking their privates. I think it’s a toss-up.

I have never engaged any creature more capable of the pointless attack than the cat. They mew to be picked up, and when you do, they purr for a while, then suddenly reach out and CLAW at your face. What is with that, you freaky little creatures?
I wonder if Karl Rove has cat….

Clearly cats are better because it is rare to see them engaging in homosexual activity, and as we know, the homosexual is the lowest of creaturse. Also, cats support reforming social security while dogs support terrorism. Of course, cats were once worshiped as Gods in ancient Egypt, which shows that they except godlessness. So I suppose it’s a tossup.

NB is Latin for “note well.” Haven’t seen or heard that one since Jesus was in short pants. Just so you know, i.e. is Latin for “id est” which translates into “that is.” Umm, thought I’d show off just a little, since I don’t often get a opportunity to use my considerable amount of useless knowledge.

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