More Shocking Photos from the Colonial and Native Party

Hotter Than His Wife: Prince Charles and a Hindu priest (via Reuters)

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turf him from where? I don’t think he is actually in charge of anything. He just hangs around and sells very fine baked goods.

Give the guy a break, Spinster. What’d he ever do to you? Undercut you on the price of grain? Impress you into the navy? Tax your windows? Beat you out for a promotion?
He’s got a very strange job and he tries to do his best while still eking out a little human happiness. He’s a great advocate for the idea that affordable housing can be decent and beautiful housing, a concept we desperately need here where even our overpriced housing isn’t fit for a dog.

Actually Didi, he ran over my dog and never apologized. I loved that dog, especially the way he would catch a frisbee in his teeth and toss it back to me.

Hmm, that finally explains why he always wanted to hang out at the seal tank at the zoo. Guess he was looking for the same thing as the Challenger crew.

ALF really blew the lid off that whole housecat thing. But, to be precise, he loved cats. Raw, cooked, smoked, pickled, he loved them all.

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