Black and white and red all over: Spinning the news out of Iraq

Iraq Suicide Bomber Kills at Least 115, the Associated Press, February 28, 2005:

A suicide car bomber blasted a crowd of police and national guard recruits Monday as they gathered for physicals outside a medical clinic south of Baghdad, killing at least 115 people and wounding 132 the single deadliest attack in the two-year insurgency.

Election Shock Treatment: The Democrats try to get over Iraq’s latest achievement, the Daily Standard/Weekly Standard, February 28, 2005:

WITH THINGS LOOKING UP for a change, this has been a rough patch of time for the Democrats. They have been suffering from Election Shock Treatment; which means the success of the Iraqi elections has shocked them into the realization that they may have to seek treatment, because of the trauma induced by the growing suspicion that President Bush has been right all along: right in the decision to go into Iraq; right in the decision to hang tough in Palestine; right in the belief that Muslims and Arabs may also want freedom; that elections there can be held, and succeed.

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Bodeans (Black and White, 1991):
Since history the pages turn
We watched as all the fired burned
A little hate in each of us
Whoever said, “In God we trust”
Black, white, and blood red
Black, white, and blood red
Down beaten paths through broken homes
Where every man must stand alone
To win his bread to feed the flame
“I have a dream” has gone insane
Liberty, the right to die
When did we ever cross that line
That brought us here to this place
Delivered by the human race

So what’s the weekly Standard smoking? Seems to me, the elections didn’t even produce a “blip” in the murder rate.

Noemie Emery has mistaken Iraq for a football game, and herself/himself for a cheerleader.

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