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Unintentionally Hilarious Photo of the Moment, Vol. 49


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Who’s Dobbey?
I am so over Putin. It’s not anything he did in particular, although sacking the regional governments was pretty bad, it’s what he didn’t do. For years I was under the sway of Solzhenitsyn and his cult of Stolypin, but Putin is no Stolypin. Instead of using authoritarian measures to improve the country, picking it up by the ears and lofting it over the wall of development, he just…what? Consolidates power? Good grief. Try something a little original.

Putin is gonna leave him. Behind that cold, cruel autocratic face he’s frolicking in a golden meadow with some other world leader, maybe Schroeder, definitely someone smarter who will understand him and sees into his soul. Someone who won’t fidget constantly through Carmen or embarrass him in public by talking about their relationship to their friends. Hopefully he’ll let Bush down easy before turning rabbit.

Speaking of rabbits, is anyone else reminded of George leading Lenny by the hand with a disgusted look on his face?
–does anyone know of any groups to force texas out of the union?

as a photographer, i’d bet that most of these photos, while indeed hilarious, are intentionally so.
ya just can’t make this shit up.

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