Toying with Nuclear Annihilation, or, The Ultimate DVD Release Cross-Promotion

donniedarko_dvd.jpgFalling Fuel Tank May Have Caused Iran Blast – TV, Reuters:

A fuel tank falling from an Iranian plane could have caused an explosion in Iran’s Bushehr province, where the country is building a nuclear power plant, Iran state television said on Wednesday.
“A local source said the explosion could have been the result of the falling of an empty fuel tank from an Iranian plane,” Al-Alam said.

New ‘Darko’ Sheds Some Light, the Washington Post:

After a jet engine falls through the roof and into Donnie’s bedroom, things really get weird.

IN NO WAY RELATED: Iran, Syria Team Up to Confront Threats, Associated Press

Iran and Syria, who both are facing pressure from the United States, said Wednesday they will form a united front to confront possible threats against them, state-run television reported.

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