The Celesbian Dating Game

celesbian_logo.gifEditor’s Note: Since lesbians are way hot (both in the media right now, and, you know, like, in general), low culture asked our special alternative lifestyles correspondent to weigh in. Here now, from our Soho office, Nikki:
The recent coupling of Ellen DeGeneres and Portia de Rossi has given rise to many inches of tabloid gossip. (And for one delirious week, before the door slammed shut, everyone and his two mommies were trying to pair up Marcia Cross with another TV star.)
Everyone likes to hear about women getting it on, but it’s also comforting when famous gay people go out with other famous gay people—that’s fewer gays to keep track of! So it was with a sigh of relief that straight people everywhere read that two celesbians were newly nestling in the Hollywood Hills, after dumping what’s-her-name and what’s-her-face. Meanwhile, the Christian Right can point to the degeneracy of the liberal film industry and take heart that soon Scientology will make straight pod people of them all.
(The English, of course, outclass us even in lesbians. Instead of a high-profile stand-up and TV twosome, they have the theater-and-film duo of Fiona Shaw and Saffron Burrows. Cherry Jones has taken note, but none of you care about theater people, so let’s move on.)
In light of this, here’s a fun game you can play alone or with friends: Come up with your own gay celebrity pairings to make things easier for everyone! Strangely enough, there aren’t too many gay famous people, so the permutations are limited. Don’t worry if the stars are in committed relationships and even have children together– at least there won’t be messy papers to file! Extra points for matching haircolor. Send in your answers to Liz Smith, or post them in the comments.
Coming soon: Famous people of color should hook up with other famous people of color.

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I would safely say there are a lot of gay celebrities, but most of them are in the closet to protect their careers.

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