Texas Hoax?

pc-th.jpgAccording to the New York Times, Texas Homos, a play about… well, guess, was written by one Jan Buttram.


You know, we hate to be so skeptical, but after Dan Rather’s superscript problems, and Jayson Blair, and that time that some random Sub Pop employee convinced the Times that “swingin’ on the flippity flop” was what people in Seattle said instead of “hanging out,” wouldn’t the alleged authorship of this little bit of stagecraft raise an eyebrow or three?

But perhaps the liberal media types over at the Times are in on the joke? Exhibit A:

“Ms. Buttram doesn’t quite know when to stop; the momentum she builds is squandered by a drawn-out denoument.”

2 replies on “Texas Hoax?”

I wish it were a witty nom de theatre, but no — the woman’s name is actually Jan Buttram. I only know this because I laughed at her name several years ago when her play then in production had a completely un-buttramming-related title.

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