Presenting: The Worst Nerve Personal Photo Ever

via AFP

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She never blinks! Look at some video of Condi , she never ever blinks! Just like Hannibal Lechter!

She’s just trying to cool down her hands from spreading her boss’ fire of freedom.
That woman scares me.

“Remember the scene in Alien , when Capt. Dallas is in the ventilation shaft with the Improvised Flamethrower Device and , then he turns around and the Alien creature grabs his lazy ass , just like this!!! Grabs his ass! That’s exactly what I am most definitely going to do to you if you disagree with me! I will grab your ass , just like that Alien creature did!

>I don’t think the peace summit will be going anywhere with that expression.
haaaaaaaaaaaaaaa! Maybe just the opposite though. “Jesus, just do whatever she says!”

she’s got that same curled lip the grinch did when he realized he might be able to steal christmas…

sweet gods. you see that face in the crosswalk and your foot stomps on the gas all by itself.
“my hands are open to welcome the souls of the innocent on which i will feed”

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