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Def Condi Jam

Funny Lady: Secretary of State Rice on her first day at the State Department, Jan. 27, 2005 (via Reuters)
“Thank you, thank you. What a great audience out there. Really, I’m not just saying that: you’re a great group. You wanna know another great group? The U.N. Or, as I like to call them, ‘The United Colors of Benetton!’
“Funny thing about the U.N., and this is a true story! I was there a couple of days ago for a big meeting and one of the aides said to me, ‘Do you know where Kofi is?’ So, I looked her dead in the eyes and said, ‘Listen, just ’cause my title says Secretary doesn’t mean I’m gonna get you coffee!’ Oh, boy! She turned green then red then blue: talk about united colors!
“I’m outta time. Good night folks, you’ve been great! Don’t forget to tip your server.”

3 replies on “Def Condi Jam”

condi will kick middle-eastern ass like foxy brown.
(cue acid funk)
“fuck sanctions mothafucka!”
stack heels crush heads. sunglasses and turbans fly as they’re pistol-whipped into the air as men of arab decent flee the righteous nubian rage.

…I’d like to thank the First Lutheran Church of Sioux Falls Scat Choir for their back-up vocals today…

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