Overlooked by Oscar

Jude Law in Alfie… Jude Law in I ♥ Huckabees
Jude Law in Lemony Snicket’s A Series of Unfortunate Events… Jude Law in Closer
Jude Law in Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrow… Jude Law in The Aviator
Bastards just hate a handsome motherfucker.

18 replies on “Overlooked by Oscar”

Especially since Closer and I Heart Huckabees were two of the greatest films of last year…
And don’t bitch if you didn’t get I Heart Huckabees. Jesus, that’s all I ever hear…

such is your terrible burden. having ‘gotten it’ when few others could, you now walk the earth in possession of that beautiful secret no one else can know. you poor, sweet, misunderstood man-god.

I liked I heart huckabees, but I can never talk about it in online chat sessions cuz I dont know how to make that nifty little heart thingie.

…once again, Jude Law brings the people together. That wiley bastard.
But it just reminds me of the time I got drunk with Harrison Ford and we started talking religion…I needed 24 fucking stitches…

I don’t think a guy has to be gay or even bi to have sex with Jude Law. Bruce Villanch, yes, Jude Law, no.

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