Arrrrgh! Monster Hungry!

So, So Mean: Viktor Yushchenko at his inauguration (via Reuters)

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Wow, that really is mean. How would you like it if a dose of dioxin poisoning transformed your boyishly handsome face into a mask of horror?

matt is an asshole david. you should get some dioxin and teach him a lesson.
mask of horror indeed. eeesh. at least they could make him wear a hood. and ride a donkey. backwards.

Naw, Matt’s a sweetheart. When he’s mean, it’s just the dioxin talking. Also, Yuschenko is looking better already. I hear he went to see Dr. Z.

I don’t want to bust up this love fest, but aren’t any of us concerned that the poor bird is in fact, ON FIRE?

I’m not surprised horns and I could agree on something, I’ve always suspected that we’d have a good time hanging out, maybe over a couple of beers.

full on.
i argue politics with my dad, but jeez…i still like him
-and thats not just because he’s my dad. i’ve cut people off with closer ties than that.
siamese no longer!

You know, I didn’t even think it was about his face — you can barely even see the damage in that photo. His stance and the way his arms are thrust so Frankenstein*-ishly far out of his sleeves made him look like the monster to me.
(* Yes, yes, it’s Frankenstein’s Monster, not Frankenstein, I know.)

ITA on the post above that it’s not his face that’s “monster” as much as the unfortunate yet unintentionally hilarious positioning of his body and that damn white dove with the fire of freedom blowing out of it’s ass. Just so wrong to laugh but so impossible not to.

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