“Cool Mom” Accused of Being “Really, Really Cool Mom”

“A 40-year-old woman faces charges of sexual assault and contributing to the delinquency of a minor for allegedly supplying drugs and alcohol to high school boys and having sex with some of them.
“Sylvia Johnson, 40, told police she wanted to be a ‘cool mom,’ according to an arrest affidavit…”
‘Cool Mom’ Threw Sex Parties for Boys, AP, Jan. 21, 2005.

2 replies on ““Cool Mom” Accused of Being “Really, Really Cool Mom””

arrested? good christ, this woman is a hero! i mean, underage sex was enough of a bonus, but drugs too? i love her.

Who was the dude that told? that’s what i want to know. a MILF in the neighborhood is doing what all the boys dream for, and you tell your mom?
not cool dude!
one of my buddies got busy with a girls mother that i was dating and he was the neighborhood hero.

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