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Tomorrow’s Corrections Today, Vol. 7

(By way of the BBC News):
On Wednesday, 19 January, 2005, the website of the British Broadcasting Corporation’s News division ran an infographic and featurette entitled At-a-glance: ‘Outposts of tyranny’ that focused on incoming U.S. secretary of state Condoleezza Rice’s announcement during her Senate confirmation hearing earlier this week that there were six “outposts of tyranny” around the world. The following chart accompanied the feature:
Due to an editing error, the infographic (as featured, above) was incomplete and therefore inaccurate, and we have uploaded a revised, corrected image in its place (attached below). We apologise for any confusion that may have ensued, and thank you for reading BBC News.

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YEAH! word jp. dissidents like us got to watch our backs befo da man bring da bootheel down.
viva fidel!

At the risk of sounding like hornsofthedevil, the US is a long way of from being as bad as the likes of Zimbabwe, Cuba, and North Korea.
But on another note, if Burma and Zimbabwe are as bad as Iran, North Korea and, I assume, pre-invasion Iraq, how long until we “liberate” them? The answer? Never, because they don’t have oil, so f ’em all.

If you find the U.S. so tyrannical (btw, maybe you should look the word up), why don’t you get the hell out? I’m really tired of you bleeding hearts teasing us. Just leave already so we can go back to running the country and protecting your ass.

Corey, can’t you see?
this nation is the consummate tyrrany because life isn’t fair!
a happy life was not handed to the author of the article and he had to GAASP!…. work for it.
personal freedoms, culture, liberty… everyone has those right??
maybe the post was meant for the “spoiled brats” blog.

YEAH Corey! It’s our duty as Americans to accept the actions of our country’s government 100% or else get the hell out and go live in some hippie communist country like Luxembourg.

Oh and Corey, I just thought of something. If everyone in the world were to follow your advice and just LEAVE their tyrannical countries to be tyrannical, I assume you’d welcome them with open arms into America, right? Even the dark skinned ones?

It is a pretty radical stance for an institution as hidebound as the BBC to take but it does make sense. Considering we overthrew the government of a legitimate monarch in 1776 we have technically been a tyranny ever since.
Hey, Bush is talking about ending tyranny! maybe he has come to terms with Elizabeth II?

A Different Jessica–
I know it must be a hard day for you. Why don’t you just hang your head and cry? Four more years, baby…
You have every right to complain about our government and to curse our country. But remember that the fundamentals that make America America allow you to make those comments without being beheaded. Oh and way to be racist in your last post.

jessica, as a goat-loving redneck, i object to your crass characterization of my ilk. yes, i wish all swarthy peoples to be cleansed from this great land. yes, if there must be dark people, let them change my sheets and cook my burgers- with gloves on, of course. and yes, if you don’t agree with me i would like you bulldozed into a mass grave with your jimmy choo wearing communist friends. that doesn’t make me a bad person.
also, on an entirely serious note, don’t cast dispersions on pabst. really. i mean it.

Maybe BBC meant “Outposts of Ninnies”? In which case the USA should definitely be included. Either way.

Corey, I’m a liberal and I love this country more than you. Period. You love this country like some indulgent mother, saying that your little brat is just great in between candy feedings. I love this country like Andy Griffith loved Opie, I know it’s capable of the best and I expect it. I verbally take the U.S. out to the proverbial wood-shed BECAUSE I love it. You say I should just be happy to not be beheaded for my thoughts? Not good enough, we can do better. I don’t care what the other countries do.
You seem angry and on edge; a lot of conservatives do. I don’t blame you. Your team won but… It’s like winning a race and being handed a 64 oz. sh*t flavored Gatorade isn’t it? It’s a cold comfort being on that particular winning team, eh?

Since we have every right to complaign about Bush, why do you feel you need to post here? Do you think that you will convince some of us that you are right? What’s your deal?
Also, for the record, with a few possible exceptions most everyone in this country, including democrats, have accepted the fact that Bush won. That doesn’t mean we all like it, or that we don’t have important things to say. Maybe you should deal with the fact that we have free speach, and if you can’t, maybe YOU should leave.

i think everyone’s being a little unfair to corey. just because he wants you all dead and ground up into summer sausage doesn’t mean that you have to be rude to him. the republicans won. and that means that you ass-sniffing liberals should leave or kill yourselves or leave and then kill yourselves where ever it is you end up. preferably france. now give me my pabst and shut up.

yes, you have vaild complaints about Bush.
in this free nation you are allowed to voice you displeasure with the president and even us who support him thoroughly enjoy a good joke at his expense…
but when you state that the United States is a tyranny(because your candidate didn’t win), then that is when you become the joke.
a sad delusional joke.

Janine–It’s not cold comfort being on this winning team, as much as you wish that it were. Why would it be? We’ll be running the country for at least the next four years and conceivably longer than that. We’ll see who you libs manage to dredge up to run in 2008. No one good, I’m sure. And I highly doubt you love this country more than I do. I mean I really doubt it. But you guys can continue THINKING it and we can continue SHOWING it.
Unnamed soldier–First of all: spell much? “Complaign”? Good grief.
Second of all: I think it’s funny that you’re telling me that I can’t deal with free speech and that I should leave. Isn’t that a little contradictory of you? I’m the one that came to this freakish website to voice my opinion–something I am guaranteed by law. So now you’re asking why I came? I come everyday because I find the culture part of the blog funny. But every now and then, I’ll comment on some ridiculous comments on the right hand side. I am allowed to do that. I never said you didn’t have important things to say. But for God’s sake–say them already!! All I hear you people doing is complaining (that is the correct spelling) and making broad claims like the US is tyrannical and other such things. But none of you ever offer any useful information, suggestions, or insights. Which is exactly why you all lost this time around. You have nothing to share with anyone except whines.

Are you showing your love by dismantling social security at home or are you showing it abroad by encouraging (or at least turning a blind eye to) torture? Punks like you are a dime a dozen only because the dollar is way down.

You’re the one encouraging torture: by asking us to read your posts. That, my dear, is cruel and unusual punishment.

grammar nitpicks is the last grasp of a drowning man.
We can complain about Bush as long as we realize we know what we’re doing is wrong? Good stuff.
In case you couldn’t tell, my ‘racist’ comment was a joke sent towards your ilk who think all muslims are involved Al Quaeda.
It is a bad day for me. When a president talks about basically taking over the world one country at a time (Iran, your next…North Korea? Your on deck) I have to wonder if we’re even going to make it to the next election.
When I’ll be voting for John Lithgow

I didn’t nitpick grammar. I nitpicked spelling. And I’m not a man.
Yeah–we think every Muslim is in Al Qaeda. Right. I don’t generalize people and I don’t discriminate. Unlike you with your “every Republican thinks this” comment. You’re the one with the discrimination problem, not me.

So tell me, why is it that you support the war in Iraq? Is it because you believe the Iraqis are involved in Al Qaeda? Or were somehow connected to 9/11? And why do you think they were.
I’ll wait.
I don’t think “every republican thinks this”. I grew up Republican and I’m generally very conservative on social issues.
But Bush is driving this country right into the fucking ground by marching in and destroying countries one by one. If he were a Democrat doing it, I’d say the same thing.

did anyone notice that this was categorized under “satirical”?
just wondering.
of course we’re not as bad as north korea. neither, for that matter, is cuba.
but being better than those guys isn’t much to be proud of. bush is an embarassment, and so are the people who bought his spiel. guantanamo and abu ghraib are going to come back to haunt him. and i’m not leaving this country because it’s mine too. i’d rather fight to make it better.
(and btw, nobody thinks the U.S. is a tyranny because bush won. it’s because we’re doing irreperable damage to global security in pursuit of the bush administration’s own unclear ambitions. natch.)

Alright, I’ll be the first to admit that I’m a poor speller but in my own defense, at least I didn’t make up any. But more importantly, I wasn’t the first to suggest anyone should leave America. I was mearly pointing out the fallacy of you statement, you’re outrage only proves my point. You see, I have grown quite tired of people insinuating that because I don’t support Bush I am un-American or un-patriotic. I in fact love my country very much, enough to join the army, and enough to express my opinion when I see poor agendas being furthered.
As far as important things to say, we often do. But this particular stream was obviously meant to be more of an opportunity to let some of our frustrations out than to give real analysis. I would venture to guess that there it would be hard to find someone on this sight that honestly believed that we lived in a tyranny, but it wouldn’t be hard to find someone who recognizes the fact that we could eventually.
Bush is slowly working away at our civil rights. Now he can find out what I read by accessing library files, maybe tomorrow he can tap my phone. Today, torure is becoming more accepted for foreign citivens, maybe tomorrow it will be alright on Americans as well. I’m not saying it’s going to happen for sure, thats why we have an opposition, but if no one stops it thats what will happen. I’m not even saying Bush would be the one, it could be a president 12 or 16 years from now, but if no one stops this trend, if no one stands up for our rights, it will happen because it is human nature to try and get as much power as you can.
So, to summarize. 1. Never challenge my patriotism. I am a member of the US Army, and will do anything for my country and my constitution. 2. Chill with the spelling, if you sweat the small stuff to much you can die young.
Also, a different jessica, thanks for backing me up on the spelling thing.

I know I misspelled a few things, I’m sorry. I’m a little bit of a hurry, I don’t want to be late for duty.

that link to DC metropolitan police radio is pretty cool.
they are talking about some drunk and disorderly people right now.
thank for the link..
although… i have to admit, i feel like a pretty igh calibur turd geek listening to this while i’m typing on the internet.
has commercial radio sunk so low that THIS is a preferable soundtrack to surfing the net?
or should i admit i’m a geek…

we all have to realize it someday, now I must go out into that blasted light to go to my earth job.

Just a small note, and (unfortunately) another attack on Corey. I don’t like to see folks ganged up upon, but I’ve heard Corey’s original statements far too often. They rile me up.
The idea that when someone is angry at his government, or dissatisfied with it, he should leave it is ridiculous. It’s juvenile of you to say, or really even think, what you did. Part of the idea of a free democracy is that dissent is essential; opposition is necessary. One “side” is not always right; the other “side” is not always wrong. By way of your plea, though, you have implied that you believe anyone who is angry with the government and the actions of the current administration – essentially, the entire opposition party in America – should leave. That itself is rather anti-democratic. In the way of philosophy, anyway, you make a rather poor American citizen, Corey.
Also. The Republicans don’t “defend” America. The soldiers do. It’s the Republicans who have sent said soldiers into battle, risked their lives. The Republicans? Oh, they’re rich and powerful. They have better things to do. Just ask Cheney!

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