…But the search for Ron and Nicole’s killer continues

US gives up search for Iraq WMD, BBC News, January 12, 2005:

Intelligence officials have confirmed the US has stopped searching for weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.

President Discusses the Future of Iraq, the White House, February 26, 2003:

In Iraq, a dictator is building and hiding weapons that could enable him to dominate the Middle East and intimidate the civilized world — and we will not allow it. (Applause.) This same tyrant has close ties to terrorist organizations, and could supply them with the terrible means to strike this country — and America will not permit it. The danger posed by Saddam Hussein and his weapons cannot be ignored or wished away. The danger must be confronted. We hope that the Iraqi regime will meet the demands of the United Nations and disarm, fully and peacefully. If it does not, we are prepared to disarm Iraq by force. Either way, this danger will be removed. (Applause.)

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I thought Bush was the president who couldn’t do any wrong, Guess I misunderestimated him, so to speak.

What’s the saying: Those who don’t misremember the past are…are… Ah, crap.
Just go with what the president says. He’s got it all going on.

How naive we were, too think it was ever about oil. Bush’s war is Imperialism, a land grab, naked and raw. Just like Hitler.

What horns means is you are a cretinous, defeatist michael jackson supporter who probably wears glasses. Four eyes! Four eyes! Nyah Nyan!

1441 is the number stamped on each oxycontin pill. 1441 is the number of oxycontin I take in a month. 1441 is the number of lies I tell to get paid by the man.

Rosemary, I know we’re all riled up, and I’m opposed the war and the president as much as the next guy…but let’s refrain from the Hitler analogies for just a bit. I mean, you know, until Bush calls for the systematic extermination of an entire nation of people and actually follows though on it.

But Jessica, there was more to Hitler than the Holocaust, too. And there’s more than a little aptness to the analogy, I think. The appeals to the beer hall crowd, the put-upon mentality, and, yes, naked land grabs, all come to mind.

Of course there was more to Hitler, he was also a painter and a vegetarian, but that’s not what anyone thinks of when he’s brought in to win a debate. The comparing of Bush to Hitler was specifically used, I believe to illustrate “I hate Bush and I hate him so much I’m goin to compare him to someone we all hate.”
I’m into bondage, but I don’t say “I’m into bondage, just like Hitler” Because his name carries a lot more.
It’s just a weak insult, and can be overly hysterical.

A good way to keep a mob of peasants from killing your monster is when they break into your castle, make them be real quiet, then open a door and there’s the monster, sound asleep.

“…but let’s refrain from the Hitler analogies for just a bit. I mean, you know, until Bush calls for the systematic extermination of an entire nation of people and actually follows though on it”
good god jessica, would you please get a clue!? what the hell do you think is happening in guatanamo, abu ghraib, and the streets of bahgdad? do you really think the civilians of iraq are immune to the gun shots and bombs ORDERED BY THE COMMANDER IN CHIEF (GEORGE W. BUSH) that are consistently killing “coalition soldiers”? go search on google for the number of civilians killed in iraq. chances are, whatever the number, it will be a significantly larger amount than the number of people killed on 9/11.
i’m comparing it to 9/11 because many people still believe there is a link and i’ll be you are one of those sheep…i mean people who believe that.

Civilians being killed in wartime is atrocious, and like I said, it’s a war I’m severely opposed to but it is NOT the same as herding nearly 10 million people into gas chambers, and no I don’t think that’s coming.
Let me be clear. Everything Bush is doing in Iraq is wrong, but to compare it to the Holocaust is an insult to Holocaust survivors and victims.
I harbor absolutely NO belief that Iraq had anything to do with 9/11. But thanks for assuming.
This war is a giant clusterfuck nightmare, believe me.

“Everything Bush is doing in Iraq is wrong, but to compare it to the Holocaust is an insult to Holocaust survivors and victims.”
yes, the iraq analogy is unfortunate, but step back…lets adapt that to ‘Everything Bush is doing in -america- is wrong.” and that’s where a hitler analogy becomes apt, to some extent. when you compare to the method of governance, and disinformation, and the frenzied whipping of the populace, the exploitation of economic dissatisfaction, etc…you CAN safely make a hitler analogy, there.
yes, it’s unfortunate that the word itself, ‘hitler’, invokes his ‘greatest crime’, the holocaust, but that ought not to prevent us from invoking his name in the context of his other crimes, those of manipulation and disinformation and deception and exploitation etc.
hope that clarifies the point i believe one of the commenters above was trying to make….
for further discussion, nation subscribers can check out alexander cockburn’s “Bush as Hitler? Let’s Be Fair” from the January 8, 2004 issue.

“to compare [iraq’s atrocities] to the Holocaust is an insult to Holocaust survivors and victims.”
are you a Holocaust survivor or anointed spokesperson for the Holocaust survivors and victims?
it is ignorance from the masses that allows atrocities of Holocaust proportions to occur.
the Islamic people ALL OVER THE WORLD, are being systematically exterminated by BushCo. and the more people like you, jessica, make excuses for BushCo’s actions and policies and write them off as insults to other victims, the more the numbers WILL climb into the millions.
be a part of the solution, stop making excuses for a mad man who is only trying to fill his bank account and those of his cronies while he empties everyone else’s at the expense of anyone who isn’t white, american, anglo-saxon, protestant, mega-rich.
be a part of the solution, get educated and informed. NOW. turn off Fox news and start communicating with people who actually live in iraq and know first-hand what it feels like to live in an occupied territory.

jesus christ, do you even read what I post? I’m not a republican, not a bush supporter, not a war supporter, and just because I don’t think Bush is as bad as hitler doesn’t mean i don’t know what I’m talking about.
Fucking A. You can be intelligent and opposed to the war and George Bush without being a shrill idiot.

I hear what you’re saying jean paul, and if that’s what rosemary’s babee meant, then I apologize, I’ve just seen too many people throw hitler into the mix just to express how much they hate someone, right down to saying “my boss made me work overtime, like some fucking Hitler”. I think it becomes so overused and inappropriately attributed that it diminishes the horrifying actions of Hitler and the Nazi party.

Horns, I know 1441 isn’t a zip code, and neither are these 65 resolutions, either- this is only a listing of 1955-1992. If you’re going to drag the UN into this, then lets level the playing field and demand that ALL nations comply with the resolutions passed against them. If Bush’s main complaint with the UN is that they don’t enforce the resolutions they pass, then why is he not insisting that there be any followthrough with this very, very long list?
1. Resolution 106:
2. Resolution 111:
3. Resolution 127:
4. Resolution 162:
5. Resolution 171:
6. Resolution 228:
7. Resolution 237:
8. Resolution 248:
9. Resolution 250:
10. Resolution 251:
11. Resolution 252:
12. Resolution 256:
13. Resolution 259:
14. Resolution 262:
15. Resolution 265:
16. Resolution 267:
17. Resolution 270:
18. Resolution 271:
19. Resolution 279:
20. Resolution 280:
21. Resolution 285:
22. Resolution 298:
23. Resolution 313:
24. Resolution 316:
25. Resolution 317:
26. Resolution 332:
27. Resolution 337:
28. Resolution 347:
29. Resolution 425:
30. Resolution 427:
31. Resolution 444:
32. Resolution 446:
33. Resolution 450:
34. Resolution 452:
35. Resolution 465:
36. Resolution 467:
37. Resolution 468:
38. Resolution 469:
39. Resolution 471:
40. Resolution 476:
41. Resolution 478:
42. Resolution 484:
43. Resolution 487:
44. Resolution 497:
45. Resolution 498:
46. Resolution 501:
47. Resolution 509:
48. Resolution 515:
49. Resolution 517:
50. Resolution 518:
51. Resolution 520:
52. Resolution 573:
53. Resolution 587:
54. Resolution 592:
55. Resolution 605:
56. Resolution 607:
57. Resolution 608:
58. Resolution 636:
59. Resolution 641:
60. Resolution 672:
61. Resolution 673:
62. Resolution 681:
63. Resolution 694:
64. Resolution 726:
65. Resolution 799:

i’m with you jp. that pesky ‘holocaust’ always ruins my bush-is-the-same-as-the-greatest-mass-murder-in-history arguement. it’s really inconvenient. i mean, no other politician has ever manipulated the media or lied or done stupid things. it’s hitler and bush. arm in arm. singing.

Bradley, wanna go to lunch? Say 1:00? I’d like to buy you an order of cheese sticks.

i’m lactose intolerant. but you knew that didn’t you? the same way you knew that i live in mortal fear of 1:00. if i wasn’t completely sure that you are the one in the green car, i would say yes. but of course, i can’t, and you knew that too.
why do you hate me?

minotaur, every one of those resolutions you posted is regarding Israel, not America or the world at large.
please stay on topic.
if you want Israel annexed, then you can take a long slow ride into FANTASYLAND!
with gum drop trees! and candy cane lanes! and you can wish and pray and bark at the moon about the alternate reality you want to live in…

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