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Unintentionally Hilarious Photo of the Moment, Vol. 43


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I think that’s sweet. I feel bad for him, decaying like that, and having no choice in stepping down or retiring.

yes, it is sweet. that’s because they feed the children only honeyed grains and milk from a blessed goat so as to fatten them nicely. then they coat the children with sugar and cinnamon before the pontif ‘blesses’ them. it’s my understanding that he’s a ribs fan.

At the risk of sounding like anything other than the rabid atheist I am, I think Pope John Paul II is fully aware of the impression he makes with his trembling hands, slurring speach and collapsing posture. That he continues to attend such high-visibilty public appearances is fascinating. Some may say he is a power-mongering monster egotist, but I don’t think so. I think he really does believe himself to be an agent of divinity, one that is to be smashed when its purpose is completed. As though we are to learn that this destruction too is to be seen as His will and His power.
Nobody looks good dying, and world leaders generally lack the courage to present themselves as utterly powerless. Unintentionally hilarious indeed.

Id like to see one of you who has commented to do in your lifetime at least 1% of what the Pope has done in one month of his life. You all worship the devil on an unconscious level. You think you could be so beautiful at such an old age after having been shot at by an asassin and having suffered from heart attacks? All you superficial look-oriented people wouldn’t show yourselves because your hearts are rotten and cold.

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