And the human collateral fades gently into the background as their leaders take center stage

From the wire services, portraits of military personnel and their civilian bosses, taken Tuesday, December 7, 2004:

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Nothing like great leaders advancing themselves at the expense of their country’s young, poor, and uneducated. Also I especially love how men like Rumsfeld can off-handedly dismiss the lack of proper armor and such for soldiers in Iraq, even after more than a year and the complaint is brought up specifically by a soldier at a gathering he attended. I’m in the Army, and let me tell you something, when a soldier is willing to risk the wrath that challenging someone as high up as the Secratary of Defense will bring him from his commander it really says something about the situation he lives in.

here’s the perspective of a soldier who was there:
and its hardly surprising at this point that it seems the media gleefully interpreted a question and answer relay into some sort of SHOCKING! HUMILIATING! SCANDAL!!
that creeping defeatism again…

Correction Horns: Here’s the perspective of a soldier who was there and I agree with, unlike that poster above me. I reiterate, when I soldier has the balls to challenge the friggin Sec of Defense in publi like that, it is only with an issue that NEEDS to be addressed.

Horns, I think your missing my point altogether. As a soldier, I have been trained to take orders and exuctue to the best of my ability. period. And the penalty for quesitoning even a low level commander can be severe, so it takes major balls to stand up to the Secratary of Defense, even if you do it prompted by a reporter. And the secratary’s answer said a lot to, he basically told the soldier to deal with it. Challanging what the government does isn’t defeatism, it’s working for the best possible country.

i’ve never voted for any republican before Bush, so i’m hardly a stooge. i would have more left leaning posts on other issues, like Wal Mart, the envirenment or the RIAA, but every other topic posted in here is hysteria equating Bush to Hitler that looks like its straight from the morons at
i don’t think GW BUsh is the most pressing adversary of America.
i think militant Islam is the most pressing threat to America.
and i love the magazine covers and non political stuff in here….

I agree militant islam is the greatest threat to our nation right now. That fact was made clear on 9/11. I suggest that we make this issue better by doing a few things, the most of important of which are catching Osama bin Ladan (who most likely is not and never was in Iraq). And by not invading Muslim nations with loose connections with terrorism at best so as not to spawn thousands of extra militants. A good example of a possible application of these prenciples would be not to have invaded Iraq and sent more soldiers to Afghanistan. This would also have given us a stronger hand as we deal with Iran, a nation with well documented connections to terrorists and has nearly admitted to developing those famed WMDs. Just a thought.

The terminology “Militant Islam”doesn’t make sense if you know that the word islam means peace.Do you know of any relegion which has peace or an equivalent word as their identity-their way of life? But if you take their land,help greedy and corrupt people to become their leaders, bomb them every time they refuse to grant you a pipeline frm one place to another and force them to abandon any attempt to build any weapons ,so that you can kill them enmass with your fighterjets, and tanks and daisy cutter bombs-what options do they have but to fight back with whatever they have?.And it doesn’t matter if you call them a jihadi or a terrorist or Militant.
By virtue of their faith, Moslems can be annhilated, but not pacified – no matter how much force is used.In fact the more the Force is used, the more you will be neutralising the moderate, and the sane and the truly relegious Moslems particularly the relegious political parties who may not accept American hegomony, but remain strong believers in Democracy, liberty and sanctity of Human Life.

A religon is not your enemy.
So when the Germans, who are christians, attacked Europe in the last century, did we say christianity was the enemy?
Democracy for America was taken, by the people, from the tyranny of the English.
Democracy for Iraq is being imposed upon them.
The Iraqi people have no great say in it, they are getting the candidates that the US wants.
Were not letting them go thru the process.

…”Nothing like great leaders advancing themselves at the expense of their country’s young, poor, and uneducated”…and ignorance rears its ugly head. Its great that you think our military is comprised of “bottom of the barrel” young Americans. I am a United States Marine, and I joined not because I had no other options, but because my brothers are over there and I feel guilty just sitting around while they fight for freedom. I happen to be an infantryman, a grunt, one of those “poor and uneducated” i guess. I turned down a full ride scholarship at The Citadel to serve my country. Our modern military is “Smarter not Harder”. I can tell that you dont know many servicemembers. Have you even met anyone in the military?

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