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That’s twenty five cents for a Chinese common laborer,
and one giant leap of bucks for Wal-Mart.
You do know the first man on Mars will likely be Chinese?
Just so you know.

today i saw one of the yellow “support our troops” magnets affixed next to the gas cap of an suv…thought it was pretty appropriate placement.

That’s my truck! Whaaaaaaaa? Who posted that??
Alright, alright I admit it, I bought those stickers because of guilt. I really haven’t been following the war. I want to forget it. It was some reflex action, I couldn’t stop buying them.
I couldn’t put a campaign sticker on my ride cuz I was afraid it would lead to road rage against me!
Now this, a pic on the Net.

I’m surprised I haven’t heard or read anybody pointing out the obvious fact that these stickers for “Support our troops” really mean “Support the war.” I mean, who doesn’t support the troops? I hate the war, but those are some pretty brave people over there and I don’t want any of them to get hurt. I’m waiting for the return of the Vietnam slogan: “Support the troops — bring them home.”

It’s obvious that they don’t support the troops! How many times have you heard, “well they knew what they were doing when they signed up! The army isn’t a gravy train! They got something from the army, so it’s not okay for them to have a problem going there, and it is okay for us to send them there to get blown to bits!” How is that supporting the troops?

Must fight parody of death! Must fight urge to produce similar-looking ribbons saying Support our oops.

I want some that say, “support our poop”. Then I could switch ’em around in the parking lots.

I want some that say, “support our poop”. Then I could switch ’em around in the parking lots.
Posted by Rosemary’s Baybee at December 3, 2004 11:27 PM
Very funny 😀 I like that idea a lot.

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