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Como se wha?: Well, a few anyway.
Hi, loyal readers who couldn’t get the full week off for Thanksgiving. (Or “Thanks-taking,” as my friend Sam likes to call it.) We apologize to the three of you who emailed us to say you can’t post comments, and the other three of you who noticed, but couldn’t be bothered to send us a complaint. (Thanks for that, actually.) Once again, it’s something beyond our control, and we’re looking into the issue right now. We’d invite you to use our comments area to offer your suggestions, but (ha!) comments don’t work.
So, this Thanks-taking, when you sit down to enjoy the cascading bounty of the American horn-of-plenty, say an extra little thanks for all the terrible, hackneyed, totally worthless blogs that never seem to crash or have software problems. God bless them, for we know not why their sites function so well.
Now, excuse us while we throw another small pox blanket over our server.