Every Picture Tells a Story

Crooked Rain, Crooked Rain: Clintons and Co. in Little Rock.
Bill: “First Ken Starr, now this shit… Man, I’d so do Mary… Fucking Arafat. I coulda been a god in the Middle East. Do they have gods in the Middle East?”
Hillary: “Gee, Ted and Mary look nice today… My library is gonna be twice as nice as this crap… A photo op with Dubya: whose bright idea was this?…”
Chelsea: “Three hours at the salon and now this… God, Ted got bald… Would it be really tacky if I Blackberry’d right now…”
George: “Oh, no. Who’s that with mom from Elf? Is it that turkey followin’ me?… I sure hope there’s ice cream after lunch. Condi promised me ice cream… Mandate. Man-date. Yeah, I guess I get it now. It is sorta funny.”

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Bill: “Damn I hate this weather, maybe if I’d slept with Mother Nature, I could have had nice weather for my big day. Mmmhmm..Dalia Rabin is looking fine. I always knew there was a reason I loved her father. It’s not fair, I got the shitty end of the deal, I lose Rabin on my watch and Bush gets re elected and Arafat croaks, lucky bastard”
Hillary: “Is that Jon Corzine over there? Jonnny..oh Jonnyyyy!”
Chelsea: “Ian is winking at me, he loves me!”
Georgie: “Maybe if Bill moved his big ole white head, I can see better. I think I see my boyfriend Ariel Sharon over there!”

Bill: “Is My Library hiring interns yet?”
Hillary: “Smile. Grin. Fake it. Just think, ‘this’ll be the last time I’ll ever have to set foot in this Arkansas shithole again! ”
Chelsea: “Hey, I didn’t remember any hot guys here way back then…”
George: “Fucking libraries. Pencil necked dweebs like Dad have a hard on for them. Screw that!! I’m gonna build me a ginormous Presidential Stadium! ….whaaa? Karl? whadidyaa say? sit up straight? fuck you. no shit this thing on my back hurts!”

That George ain’t got no man-date, he’s got a pity date with some date rape planned.

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