Happy Trailers

White(water) Trash: If your Presidential Library is on cinder blocks, you might be a red neck.
Does anyone else find it just a little bit insensitive that the soon-to-opened Clinton Presidential Center looks like a double-wide trailer?
I mean, yes, Clinton famously came from humble Southern origins, and, sure, his nickname is ‘Bubba‘, and yes, he was sometimes called ‘trailer trash,’ but this is just mean.
I wonder what our current president’s library is gonna look like: How ’bout this?
Then again, this may be more appropriate, since highfalutin’ books ain’t really his thing after all.

5 replies on “Happy Trailers”

It’s the future. Soon we’ll all be living in Monsanto brand trailers in the sky, just like the Jetsons.

Wow … it’s even close to a creek, where it’d be an easy target for floods and tornados – just like a real trailer home!
And that circle out front looks like the spot where the kiddie pool was out all summer.

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