Has This Been Optioned for the Movies Yet? It Really Should Be Optioned for the Movies.

Meatball Run?: The lovely Chief Inspector Laura Ciano and her sidekick, Superintendent Vincenzo Bizzarro
“It is not a toy, they swear, but a serious piece of police gear, no matter how many Japanese tourists stood at a highway rest stop here snapping away in awe.
“‘It’s a responsibility to drive it,’ said Chief Inspector Laura Ciano of the Italian highway police.002italy.jpg
“Paolo Mazzini, a highway police commander, said: ‘Italian people are not always friendly toward authorities. They are curious, so they accept the ticket more readily.’
“‘It’s not for fun,’ he added.
“Still, Superintendent Vincenzo Bizzarro wore a satisfied look on his face when he gave a reporter, fingers dug into fine leather seats, a small taste of what the force’s new Lamborghini Gallardo patrol car can do: nearly 100 miles an hour in just a few seconds, with a row of tollbooths approaching awfully fast…”

From, Whoosh! For Speeders, Speedier Justice, via Lamborghini, by Ian Fisher, The New York Times, Nov. 12, 2004.