Yes, And the Story of an Old-Fashioned, Dimwitted Egomaniac Who Tries to Save the World Alone Only to Fail and Realize He Needs the Help of Others Fits Our Mood Perfectly

Mr. Incredible in Fallujah: “Must… save… defenseless… kittens.”
“Paramount’s “Alfie,” a remake of a romantic comedy about a roguish womanizer starring Jude Law, opened to a dismal $6.5 million in more than 2,000 theaters, far below expectations… Wayne Llewellyn, the president of distribution at Paramount, said that the conservative ethos reflected in last week’s election results might have hurt the film.
“‘It could be the mood of the country right now,’ he said. ‘It seems to be the result of the election. Maybe they didn’t want to see a guy that slept around.'”
Disney and Pixar Score Again as ‘The Incredibles’ Opens Big, Sharon Waxman, The New York Times, Nov. 8, 2004.
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