Baby Steps

“I didn’t have to convince him or anything… Without me prompting him, he brought it up,” [emphasis, mine] White House communications director Dan Bartlett on the president’s press conference last week. (From, President Feels Emboldened, Not Accidental, After Victory, by Elizabeth Bumiller, The New York Times, Nov. 8, 2004.)
Letting the Child Train Himself
“A very forward, independent, and imitative child would be a good candidate for this method, and self-motivated children (who are also ready) usually train easily.
* Give the child a potty,
* show him what it’s for,
* tell him he can use it instead of diapers when he wants to.
* Then wait without prompting or pressure until the child asks to use it, and give help as requested.
* This works nicely for easygoing parents/caregivers who can be patient with what might be a long process, or whose priority is minimizing struggles between themselves and the child.” [emphasis, again, mine] (From, Potty Training,