I’d like that Iraqi council member “to go”, please



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hey jp, what happened to ur lovely photo + caption of the american soldier shooting insurgents right before he was to cast his vote for bush?
what happened to that one JP?
this whole thing is taking it’s toll on you. have you tried baking cookies lately? you’re a very angry man jp.

please ….. scream all you want…..
bush won!!!!!!!!
4 more years!!!!!!!!
bush won!!!!!!!!!!
4 more years!!!!!!!
wow, i feel better already.
by the way, i’m not a troll.

There’s no reason for Republicans to gloat that the Democrats lost, given what Bush’s re-election proves – that everyone who voted for him is a flabby-assed, Faux News watching, America-hating traitor (yes, you know it’s true). You clearly don’t care about this country or what it’s doing to countries like Iraq (see photo above) if you continue to support Bush. Democrats would not criticize the war in Iraq or the country if we did not love the U.S. and expect better of it.

Great caption! And what a wonderful next 4 years for both Amurrcans and “the Iraqi people”, although I can’t quite get that twang right when I say it.

hornsofthedevil can only call names because he has no intelligent reply to marion’s comment. The US is now a bully that imposes its pseudo-christian ideology on all nations and people and calling it “freedom”. Obviously he buys into vague notions of a correct freedom as do most Americans. He also probably digs that Army commercial that starts out with an arab as a target of an assault weapon and ends with the glamourization of starvation…but I’m just guessing on that last thing.

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