The ‘W’ Stands For “Will Work ‘Till 80 if Social Security is Privatized”

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4 replies on “The ‘W’ Stands For “Will Work ‘Till 80 if Social Security is Privatized””

Aw, look, he can do the chimp-mouth and everything.
I’ve been hearing from friends all over the world about the election night parties they have to choose from – in Austria, Sweden, the UK, Norway, Italy, the Netherlands – and how the non-expats among them are all waiting to see if 51% (of the electorate are) really are as stupid as we seem to be. From now on, I’ll point them to this picture.
Which could only be imporved with a “Morans” sign.

I just am not undersdtanding why no one thinks Social Security needs to be reformed? It will take almost 10 trillion dollars to fund every currently working adult through the age of today’s retirees. I am pretty sure we will never have that money. And… it isn’t privatized if the Social Security system is still there, right? Wouldn’t it be better for us to have the ability to decide how a portion of our payroll taxes are invested?
Should we really just keep pulling money out of our ass? Kerry wants to rasie the retirement age to keep us from doing just that – so he agrees.
Please explain.
And why do I give a shit about what people who live in Austria, Sweden, the UK, Norway, Italy, and the Netherlands think about who we elect? I don’t even care what fellow Americans think about the way I vote.
If we all keep relying on other people for our “news” and main source of information, we WILL continue to be ignorant, uninformed, and making poor decisions.
Let me hear some facts, not propaganda.

Again, who is spreading this vicious rumor that low culture is a news site? We had a dog blog the fucking Oscars and completely fabricated excerpts from Bill Clinton’s memoir. How much faker do we have to be before you believe we’re full of shit?
This site is a joke, wrapped in a riddle, soaked in a pun, and lightly glazed with quizzlers.
Broady, if you want facts and earnest coverage of the news, go elsewhere.

Yeah, right, Broady, the majority of folks in the US are deeply in debt. Sure, they’re going to have money to put away in private savings accounts for their retirement. Sure, no one would try to pillage private savings accounts, like G.W. Bush’s brother Neill did back in the 80’s. Never happen, nope!

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