Super Fun Military-Incursion Home Destruction Quiz: Iraq or Palestine?

ANSWER: Iraq, specifically Fallujah!
ANSWER: Palestine, specifically Gaza!
Be sure to check in again a few days from now when we have our next round of Super Fun Military-Incursion Home Destructions with which to work!

One reply on “Super Fun Military-Incursion Home Destruction Quiz: Iraq or Palestine?”

just like you to see the bad when there’s so much good right in front of your face. look at those enterprising youth. jesus, it’s like their possessed by horatio alger! they’re making the american dream come true- only not here in america! and isn’t that what we want? you nitwits just don’t get it do you? the homogenization of the world will make us safer. how can we have enemies when they’re playing PS2 and becoming unnaturally large on fried foods? and the look at the wealth of building products and raw materials! there’s enough for two, maybe three “settlements” in there. take that greased flashlight out of your ass and shine it upon the TRUTH. western influence in beautiful.

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